Seeing you for who you are



I don’t know what it looks from the inside.  But from the outside it looks very Third World.

Leadership that is self-serving.  Millions divided and polarised.  A Presidential Family that oozes patronage and entitlement.  Billions spent on spin and PR.  And here we are – the US of A being watched by the whole world.  A country which believes itself the best in the world.  With a moral imperative to protect global freedoms.  And from the outside seems little different to those countries it accuses of patronage and entitlement.

Then this immediate choice for legal process.  Even before the result is announced the choice for confrontation and the courts.  For the rest of us it would be deemed unhelpful and irresponsible.  Yet here is the self-appointed leader of the “Free World” making claims that are so clearly untrue even a child can see that.  Making for the courts to manipulate and machinate.  Spouting bile and “fake news” without any seeming thought for integrity and the essence of “leadership”.

A president who claims God as his ally and God’s minions as his grass-roots supporters.  Not sure there is only One True God anymore.  Seems we have a God of whatever belief we need God to allegedly support.  And as for Love – a commandment to Love … ?   I haven’t seen much of that either. 



Inside my own country we are not that different.  Another God-fearing (inclusive) country allegedly.  A government that is now governing by dictate rather than democracy.  Rules and Regulations spewing forth on a daily basis all directed and led by “The Science”.  Except The Science is of stopping death, and governing must be of living and life as well as minimising death.

Our country believes the government must control the virus without acknowledging that no government (or perhaps even any science) can control this virus.



Only I and you can control this virus by our own decisions and behaviour.  That I can both avoid the spread from me and the spread to me by my own decisions and behaviour.  Not needing technology or science or the government.  Just me following some very simple and basic behaviours and decision-making.  Washing my hands.  Wearing a mask.  Keeping my distance.

And yet no government would make it that simple.  For that would mean you and I have control and no one else.  Except we prefer to make that “fake news” as well.  We need to believe we can do want we want and that the government will control the virus for us so we don’t have to.  And – of course – governments need to be needed.   Leaders need to be needed.  Power needs to be needed.  And with it the circus we are watching right now.

I gave up religion a while ago.  I gave up needing the bible around the same time.  My One True God is Love.  And Love does not need.  Love does not demand.  Love is always.  Love is kindness.  Love is freedom.  Love is strength.  Love is immortal.  Love is free.  And Love is within us all.  Love is not fake news.  Love is not legal action.  Love is not power and control.  Love is not empire and cartel.  Love is not the circus we are watching right now.

And, for me, Love is this moment and the next.  Love is NOT having to watch the circus and await its outcome.  Love IS connecting with whatever and whoever this day brings me.  Love IS choosing kindness over anger.  Love is my choice in every moment.  And when I look with Love I don’t even see a circus.

I see you for who are you not what you think you must be.

Love makes everything simple.  Even this loveless circus.



16 thoughts on “Seeing you for who you are

  1. A lot of what you said also applies to 2016’s election, however (thus far) sans the rioting and looting that seems to be a follow-up whenever the democratic party loses any election. Or the dem party throwing a tantrum by refusing to participate in any congressional votes during his first three years in office. Hopefully, if/when dems win the presidency the reps won’t be so childish.

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      • Hi paul – yes, we live in hope for deliverance from the terrible twos wherever they are. Mrs Andrew is a truly terrible 2 as she hoons about in her wheelchair – the masked bandit.
        They have a vaccine here to trial ands the Prime Minister is asking for some speed on the matter. The last one we trialled had rather horrible side effects – let’s hope this one is better.
        Everything is quiet here – no one is jumping up or down or blowing trump ets, Our Borders open and close as is necessary and today I signed(Q scan) into Soul Origin again for coffee just in case it becomes a Hot Spot and they need to find me – and everyone else.

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        • Glad to hear you are both still living and laughing.
          We are into week one of a 4 week “lockdown”. Schools and universities remain open this time – so “lockdown” doesn’t seem to be the same as in March. Economy remans propped up with government money (our taxes – and those for generations to come).
          Seems to me that each of us individually (as a society and global community) are reluctant to take responsibility for this virus. Government and populace seem to have a mindset where they (government) must and we (populace) don’t have to. Both seem reluctant to give up this arrangement!

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          • Some of our schools and universities are not completely in session and are doing study via Zoom or Skype. My son says he prefers it because he can mute trouble makers.
            Most Churches are still closed, using online services with YouTube additions. All shops still have dots on the floor and limit numbers when they are smaller. We stay away from Public Transport, cafes have socially distanced seating. Those with vehicles are privileged to actually travel to National Parks whereas those without are stuck in our own Suburbs.
            Our economy is propped but next.month means testing comes in and some will lose their extra job search allowance. Other assistance will stop in January next year. Those best off are those who have managed to remain employed. Vital emergency services some teachers have worked on site all the way through except for during level 4 lockdown.
            I haven’t seen my doctor but once since anno covid arrived. Things are getting lost in the translation with phone consults. I had to speak to Special services at Medicare about incorrectly written scripts. The dangerous types with street value. They were, the drs. Absolutely paranoid that I had dared to exercise my right to speak to the peoples rep.
            I don’t know how Britain’s Pharmaceutical system works. Ours is very good. Pensioners have special subsidies,far less than workers or the young,else I could not afford my psych. or Epilepsy medication at all. Years ago I had to have SVDP to fund me.
            During lockdown we were allowed to keep medical appointments. Shop during the 2 hours we were permitted outside, under Police surveillance. They removed all the benches.
            Mrs. Andrew is about to shear me so must go.
            Stay well.

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            • You sound as normal as always! Living life as it was intended: one “shear” at a time! 🙂
              Our NHS is free (unless you want queue jump by going private) for consultations, treatment and medications. There are queues and sometimes long delays. But it does mean that (through taxes paid by all who have an income) anyone needing to see a doctor can see a doctor (no matter the inevitable grumbles that it is “not as instant” as it should be).
              As for “essential shopping” there is some latitude so long as we don’t abuse the “interpretation” of essential. Hospitality is perhaps the sector hardest hit economically – its where “socialising” takes place and is therefore subject to massive restrictions.
              Happy shearing – hope you look gorgeous!!

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    • hi, so glad I live here in Australia, I have half an ear and one eye open to the election over there. Excusing me but one of the elder women in the bus with me on Wednesday asked ” Why are Americans so stupid?” Then and there we all said Pray for America. when I do pay any attention I am incredulous at the antics that moron gets up to – the Chosen one.

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      • Oddly I find myself with a roller-coaster of thoughts: that over 70 million voted for the present job-holder, that the political system is so divorced form those it “serves” those 70m+ prefer what hey have had for the last four years, that political “public service” is a misnomer and should be redefined as simply chasing personal enrichment (like any other job or career), that – much like religion – we can’t live with it nor without it, and that “praying for America” misses the point: those who ARE Americans who want change AND those who don’t are BOTH praying to the same God (allegedly) for the result (but binary opposite) they each want.

        He is a much loved “moron” by almost half the entire USA population (simply on vote numbers). And much loved by a surprisingly high percentage population of “the church” as well. That’s a lot of prayer energy already being expended in the country your bus-load is praying for!!


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