I know your name.

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep

Inspired by stop and pray TV

John 10:1-21

v6 “Jesus told them this parable, but they did not understand what he meant.”

Source https://www.bible.com/bible/296/JHN.10.1-21.GNB

Jesus begins this parable very much as a parable, using analogies the Pharisees did not grasp.(v,6) Then begins again and though this time he does speak more plainly it is still an analogy needing equating.

Has this parable become even more obscure in the light of modernity where not everyone has seen a sheep or sheepfold or shepherd? Very likely!

Is this any plainer?

Isaiah 43:1 GNB

Israel, the LORD who created you says, “Do not be afraid — I will save you. I have called you by name — you are mine.

So we will forget about all the legs of lamb trotting after their protector and concentrate on the message Jesus had for the people there, and BTW Mr wolf can go away too. But just in the case there is any misunderstanding Jesus spoke not only to Israel as a country but to every individual here on earth. We, non Jews,non Messianic Jews, are those other legs of Lamb, every breed of baa lamb is accounted for in those Jesus calls by name- AND WHO KNOW WHO HE IS.

The parable speaks of Jesus who came boldly to save us, to lay down his life and to take it up again. Of the Oneness of the Father and himself of the Oneness those whose names are known shall, one day experience with him.

He also referred to our dark pasts, the times when we have climbed the wall to go scrumping for apples and had come home with the belly aches to prove it. Diving for golf balls in the Water hazards when we ought to be at Sunday School or Church. To those who had lied, cheated who were at one time or other the brigands which climbed over the wall to steal something or nothing in particular. Even worse those of us who are or were unbelieving priests unaware of their likeness to a Pharisee, very Sad U see.

Now we have repented and have joined his children in Kindergarten and we wait in trust for our teacher to take us safely out to play or lead us in our lessons. Calling us at Roll Call by Name. Checking up on the absent ones to see whether they are OK. Even if it be only one little child they are as important as all the others.

One day we will all graduate, become as Christ, learn the names of other people who come searching for safety in the heavenly fold. Well I just couldn’t stay away from those sheepish examples, could I?

The First Song of Isaiah – Combined Choirs


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