In God We Trust

Written on a banknote. Which has always made me chuckle. Money makes the world go round and apparently the heavenly kingdom too. Which either means God is everywhere in everything – or we prefer to put God to work for our own ends – or probably both. Not convinced God minds as much as I do.

And then this morning the same phrase, this time on a “Stop The Steal” Facebook Group banner.  Stop the Steal 2020 – in God we trust.



I have watched this election through the lens of our BBC news network. Not through Facebook. If the news media is biased, then (let’s put God to work again) God help us when it comes to the fiction and fantasy spread via Facebook. As for Twitter and the twits who launch bile in bytes, or Insta with a pretty picture and a perfectly made-up narrative … never got into those narcissistic temples of self-belief.

I have watched a first world country, allegedly, model itself on a denigrated and dismissed third world “democracy”. Stop the Steal (in God we trust) is great alliteration. Same as Make America Great and Make America Great Again (in God we trust for both versions). Both trip off the tongue and fit perfectly onto silly red hats. Same as our UK government’s Corona Virus alliteration – which is always a three-part-alliteration – always intended to move my behaviour and belief to that the government wishes me to follow – a whole intellectual and academic, scientific and humanitarian debate distilled into three word/parts of alliteration. Thank God we are endowed with such brilliance!

In God We Trust.

Is the same distillation – just been around for a lot longer than Stop the Steal. Just like that other one … “In Jesus’ name we ask” (make sure I add an apostrophe in the right place). Always latched on to the end of a prayer list.  Always biblically correct.  Because God cannot do anything but deliver the prayer list if we ask in Jesus’ name (the bible itself says so).  Another whole intellectual and academic, scientific and humanitarian debate distilled into a neat trip off the tongue phrase.  Once again I am not so sure God objects as I object.

I am reminded again how all sides pray to God for polar opposite prayer lists.  How all sides created a particular God that suits the religion and faith they weave and wove  around reach particular God.  Whole global faiths – each with their own sacred texts – their own religions and belief – each trying to convince everyone else theirs is the one true God – each trashing everyone else’s God (or at best accommodating it as an asset to be used to promote their proper true God’s place in this world).

Stop the Steal.  I won you know.



I actually don’t care anymore.  I don’t care which faith is the one true God faith.  I don’t care if Trump stays in the White House (or a golf course).  I look at Biden and see another rich moneyed OAP seeking (with every billion he can raise) the same position of power – chasing his own 4 (or 8) years minutes of fame.

Not much will change.  Half the population will be forgotten.  Half the globe will be a resource producing opportunity.  Twitter will still twit.  Insta will still preen or prickle.  Facebook will still Trust in God as it demonises those who also Trust in the same and different God(s).  Money will still make the world go around. Stop the Steal will become another neat piece of alliteration we can all take to the streets over.  A vaccine will mean we can all do that without masks AND be okay to not have to fight the “mask wars”.  Vaccine wars will begin as the conspiracy ballistics ignite over that “debate” (with its own brilliant alliteration).

We will still trust in god.  We will still put god to work to champion our current chosen alliteration handle.  And I still think God doesn’t object to this madhouse as much as I do.

In Jesus’ name began in a madhouse just as this one.  A madhouse that did just as well in a pre-digital age.  That was just as weird.  That Trusted in God(s) just as we “trust” now.   Where money made the world go around just as now.  Where half the globe was a resource producing opportunity for the other.  Where mis-truths and spin were just part of daily life as much as now.

If God chose that time and place to do the Jesus Story then … in God I really do trust!

A God who says Love is it, always and forever in all ages and times, in all places and with all people.  I know where I am with a God of Love – and I think God does as well.  But people, power and politics?

Seems they prefer to trust in God and not in Love.   And that’s why I think God objects to all of this less than I object.  God is Love (I believe) and all the other “God Stuff” juts a heap of noise, just as all the “In God we Trust” labels (and neat alliteration) is just us “trusting” in god as we choose..

I believe.



5 thoughts on “In God We Trust

  1. I believe everything you say. Except………..if there were no standards other than “love” we’d just have anarchy. The values are there in the Bible. Gods’ discipline is harsh for those who would draw people away to a false Gospel. There is an after-life for those who truly follow Jesus. And churches are full of people who follow the scenario you just laid out. The problem is not a risen Christ but religious people who never got past their own self-love.

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    • Thank you. What makes me curious about your response (and many have made the same) is why heaven is touted as the place to aim for/call “home” when heaven is only and always just “love” (without condition – obvs).

      My curiosity is why “that” is enough then – but not in our daily lives now where we quote the bible back and forth to each other – as though playing a game of tennis with it for points and a winning serve. That, it seems to me, is at the heart of a lot that is religion – but perpetuated and taught as The Way generation after generation.


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      • Heaven is not a place but a state that is among us.
        In John, those who accept Christ can possess life “here and now” as well as in eternity, for they have “passed from death to life”, as in John 5:24: “He who hears my word, and believes him that sent me, has eternal life, and comes not into judgment, but has passed out of death into life. Should be enough, simply LOVE.

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          • Since we believe, or are taught God is Omnipresent, therefore if there is a heaven it is everywhere. In my truth because God is Everywhere therefore God is nowhere, never in one place since God is in all places at once. Ever static. So definitely among us.
            And we are foolish to worry or speculate. This is just Philosophy. And of humanity. 👌

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