How do I respond?


Spontaneity, the final frontier.   These are the voyages of the Stay-Rona-Free World.  It’s (seemingly) never-ending mission: to explore endless different plans in making just one plan actually come about (maybe); to seek out new ways and likely scenarios that I can actually control (or not when the time comes), to boldly go where the changing confusing restrictions say I cannot go (now, then or for what seems like forever).

Thank you Star Trek – forgive my plagiarism.


Back in March I struggled.  Plan after plan was zapped.  Fear after fear was layered.  Place after place was closed.  Death rained down from every media outlet.  Every country put up a closed sign.   The end was nigh and if you were ever going to believe, then now might be the time to start!

Now the numbers are massive compared to March.  Plague Exhaustion has taken over.  Being good is hard work.  The relentless restrictions change and give hope only for hope to be dashed.  World weariness is rife.  A second wave (maybe third – or possibly just a continuation of the first) is upon us without any emotion or compassion.  This virus dies not care, does not plan, and has no control other than we give it to spread.

How do we respond?

Mask Wars.  Space Wars.  Hand Washing Wars.  We know how to fight each other – just not our own simple moment by moment gentle decision-making.  That we can come into close contact with each other, that we do rule the world and all therein (even a virus), that we are the master-race above even this invisible silly “virus” I call Rona.

Look at the evidence!  We have the nuclear knowledge and armaments to end our world and all living things.

Yet we seem powerless in doing the simple stuff of eliminating the easy access Rona has to spread from one to another for even a few months.  We tire so quickly of the restrictions on our personal freedoms because we insist we must have personal freedoms.  We are so entitled that we expect someone to fix this for us – believe (and behave) that it’s not my job to fix this.

I have rights.  I pay taxes.  We fought wars to preserve my freedoms to go and come as I please.  After nine months you seriously expect me to keep on sacrificing those freedoms for your lack of competency in fixing this?

We know how to fight each other – just not our own simple moment by moment gentle decision-making. 

As we approach the reason for all the Christmas Trees, lights, decorations, present buying, food preparation, Santa Claus stockings and grottoes … especially the right to worship together in praise of this 2000+ year old baby … the eternal and god-given right to argue with each other over what to believe about the “big stuff” … become  exhausted in fighting this fight for so long with only a “maybe” vaccine in sight … as we approach the reason for all that energy and money being expended in December – the story of the Gospels is simple:

 Love (without condition) is all – is everything – is the answer.

A Gospel Story that needs no compliance to the religious baggage we must add.  No relevance to the different faith-brands clamouring for our paid-up membership.  No need for me or you to agree on anything much at all.  No obligation to invest to get a reward.  Nothing much other than Love (without condition) as a way of living and being.

A Gospel Story that is about me and how I live today, yesterday and tomorrow.  A Story that has been filleted and dissected and made really complicated and difficult.  A complicated Story we cling to in our exhaustion.  An exhaustion from fighting each other and ourselves.  A fight the Gospel Story exposes as “religion” rather than Love, as conditional and transactional rather than Love (without condition), and as relevant today and right now in these Rona times as in any and EVERY time.

Love (without condition) simply invites me to lose the internal calculator.  To put down my internal bank balance of spending to get and how much is coming back to me.  Love (without condition) that is not being seen to do stuff but does stuff because Love (without condition) just is. 

Love is … every second for everything and everyone.  Love is … me loving me without condition with the same care and compassion I have been taught to show (!!) for others.  Love is … freedom and strength … is kindness by default … is not thought-through but shines through every thought.

The Gospel Story is not about The Cross and an eternity of celestial goodies I get  somewhere beyond the grave.  It is about a man who walked as each of us walk.  Who met each moment with kindness and compassion as we can.  Who saw through rather than was blinded-by.  Who saw me rather than the me I was taught I must be.

We may be in the final mile. 

The one before we take back control of Rona through a vaccine that means we can be privileged and entitled and have rights for every damned thing we don’t even know we don’t even need.  We may be hanging in there for a few more days, weeks or months.  But that misses the point of the Gospel Story.

It is about Love now in this moment and the next.  That’s all.

So how do we respond – me – you – each of us – in this second and the next and every second that comes to each of us?  

I find it hard to be weary.  So much great stuff has and is happening this year.  

Just like every year.

And THAT is a great story!



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