That isn’t Love by any definition



Love Facebook and the comments below: “Truth!”

One word is enough.  Truth when it is written as one word written makes it so. 

This was the post:


I’m not even sure of what it means let alone how to respond – let alone in just one word –  let alone in just one word that is:


It was a clergy group even though I am not clergy.  The group administrators are transparent in posting a wide range of views, opinions and articles.  My raised eyebrow is not at administrators who see their role as challenging my (and your) established “right-thinking”.  It is some of the “right thinking” on display that raises my eyebrow.


Like the bible is truth.  Inerrant and infallible truth.  Truth that can be proven – has been proven – needs no proving because it is Truth.  Why then the eternal debate and division to be found in those who hold that book as truth?   Ologies and isms.  Denomination and faith wars.  Ecumenical a wonderful label for even talking to each other across the different brands.


My truth is not your truth and your not mine. 

My truth is that Love IS Enough (even the bible says that).

Yet THAT is not another’s truth.  For another “Love” is a goal and a concept – of which “we” are incapable as only God is capable.  Another will say that I am a sinner (without any say in the matter or any way of fixing that myself).  Another will say that only God can fix me (and only if I do the right things in the right way).  Not forgetting to add “In Jesus’ name we ask”.  That to ask with that on the end means God has to say yes.  The bible says so.  Truth.  Same bible that says Love is NOT enough (because I am tainted with sin I never asked to be tainted with).  Another taught me that I cannot Love Without Condition (even though we ALL do ALL the time).


I love our children without condition.  I love my wife without condition.  I love our grandchildren without condition.  My brothers and sisters too.  My really good friends as well.  And …

I love me without condition.

I have learned that I can love without condition.  I have learned that Love is..


Clergy are teachers.  Teachers who are called.  Teachers who believe in truth.  The truth of the bible.  The truth of God as stated in the bible.  The truth of the ologies and isms that are deemed truth as evidenced by the bible and taught by the theological colleges in which these teachers qualified..


We are approaching Christmas – but the baby is not enough.  And then we approach Easter – and the cross is not enough.  And then we approach another and another milestone of biblical academic theology – and it is never enough.

Nothing is ever enough.

And I wonder why we should decide that.  Why we determine Truth, determine God, determine Love, and even determine my capabilities and potential.  Why we then teach that “Truth”.  For if you teach me I can never Love Without Condition – that Love is never enough – that eternity is after I’m dead and not before – that I am sinner born to sin.  If you teach me all that “truth” …

YOU have determined MY capabilities and potential WITHOUT ever meeting or knowing ME.  And that isn’t Love by any definition.


My truth is God Soft Hands Jesus who is Love.  Who invites me to be Love.  Love that empowers, enable and frees.  Love that is enough.  Love that is.  Always.

That is my truth.

My only truth.

If I allow.



3 thoughts on “That isn’t Love by any definition

  1. My favorite comment on Truth come from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, from Pilate:

    But what is truth?
    Is truth a changing law?
    We both have truths.
    Are mine the same as yours?

    Truth is not an absolute, and varies by time and circumstances. What was considered true in Jesus’ time is so often brought into question today.

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