Roaming Roana

Yes,we have these too, not wearing masks and telling everyone it is a Government Plot

I have said to Paul that it was about time I wrote a little about the conditions here in Australia. One plus is that we are an Island, and that was soon negated when a shipload of infected passengers were just sent out into the Streets of Sydney and spread it like wildfire.

On and off most clusters stem from incomers roaming around out of quarrantine and infecting those they meet or share time with.

The most recent was a driver in the Aged Care sector who worked while infected and infected the elderly, and the time before this, a member of an Aircrew who escaped the airport and followed a band around the City and Western suburbs, Northern Sydney, Avalon – lovely beach that was; infecting the entire band and many others.

It looks awfully like we will be going back into lockdown in NSW again and all states have shut their borders against us. There are difficult cases where folk live in one state and work in another and they are rather frustrated with the whole affair. Our Northern Beaches area has become a Commmonwealth Hot Spot so no one can go there from another State or district.

The list of hot spots grows and we haven’t been far from home all year. We can continue to use the Community Bus for Medical appointments and they are still checking temperatures and asking us where we have been, each time we visit the hospital we scan a Qr code and collect a sticker from the desk to show our clean status.

From what I can make out of the stats we have about 4,632 infections out of 12 Million in NSW since the beginning, 3,192 recovered and 53 deaths and only 1 case, altogether in our Counil district. Though on and off, it too, is a hot spot. We have been tested twice and after a short stay at home were found Negative.

Our one and only Church Service since before lockdown took place on the first Sunday of December and Mell was there at the door with thermometer in hand to check us in. Social distancing allowed for 33 seats.

That was the last time because the cluster came quite closeby to us and Parish Council decided to be prudent.

No Easter or Christmas Celebrations this year. This morning Jessica and I went out for a walk and a coffee and it was like a ghost town. Our next door neighbours said they have cancelled Christmas and we may have well done the same.

Mrs Andrew is not at all well, in fact she is in Heart failure, the doctors have suggested a hospice but she is still so full of life and action that that just won’t happen unless she has another big heat attack.

Me, well I am suddenly succumbing to my own ills and have been using a walking stick for several months and have fallen three times recetly and injured myself.

Putting on weight due to less exercise and too much verboten diabetic no nos. I hope I don’t outgrow my wardrobe.

Meanwhile where is my God who walks in all of this? Well walking, roaming just like Rona only cleaning up her mess wherever it is possible.

My Spirituality seems to have gone flying out of the window.

I find I am quite numb, better find something to focus on.

May the Lord have mercy on my soul because.. well because


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