What is there for me to disapprove?


“So thankful God loves us all.  Our job now is to love.”

Seen on another post in the comments.


Whoaaaah Paul, slow down.  I get that these words jumped out and coshed you over the head.  I get why they might do that.  That “love” is not job – love “is”.  But let me ask you – what is worse: loving others as “a job” or not loving at all?

How long have you been of the mindset that “I Am” and “Love Is” are one and the same?  Are you right – are you wrong – does it really matter?  Certainly I don’t see it mattering to you.  Just as I don’t see you worrying too much about calling me “GSHJ” instead of my biblical name.  Don’t see you rushing off to church each week as biblically commanded.  Don’t see you studying the bible too much even though …

You get the point.

Yet how many years did you do and think and behave as though all of that was essential?  How many years did you half walk-away and back again?  How many years did you find the church a comfort rather than a constraint? 

Many many years is how long. 

Did I love you less – talk to you less – listen to you less – walk with you less – sleep with you less – spend every second with you less than we do now?  I see you shaking your head.  We’ll take that as a no then.  So why react to a phrase of loving others “being a job”?

You know nothing of this person, and if you did you would still know nothing.  Just as others who read your words know little about you.  Are you commanded to judge each other – and if so how does that fit with “Love you, love me, and love something bigger”? 

Splinters and logs come to mind.

Okay – so you are breathing normally again.  Sitting calmly again.  Once again seeing that commenter as just another ordinary chap doing Me the best he knows how.  What is there for me to disapprove? 

So please don’t you either.

But see this … did you count how times love is mentioned in that phrase?  Twice.  Two whole times!  How many blogs do you read that don’t mention love at all?  Too many – on that we agree.

And one final thing –

If “Love Is”  – how come you are reacting and responding here with “That ain’t right?”.

Shouldn’t you be the one seeing what I am seeing – without me smiling at your reaction and soothing your furrowed brow?  Because if “Love Is” rather than a biblically commanded “job” – it seems to me that you have a way to go as well!


I love the interaction between blogs, words, GSHJ and each of us.

Just another moment of being in the moment.  Out of the blue.  Out of nowhere.  Yet so intimate and tender.  So close and so accepting.

And now back to work … the day job not the loving job.


Now THAT is a good line, Paul!



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