The No Bible Required Love


A little wager for you … 

I bet you that I can find just one particular person on one particular train as it comes into Oxford Circus tube station.  I don’t know where or on which train they will be.  I’m also not sure which of the many exits they will use to come up to street level if we don’t find each other.  Oh, and did I mention this is before smartphones made all the finding each other easy-peasy?  Think it’s too easy?

Okay, then let’s agree I will still be on the escalator as trains enter the platform.  And, just because I like you, let’s do this with the normal evening rush-hour underway (remember them).

Want to take me up on it – is your money feeling secure?

I have found my mind can do much more than I ever think possible usually.  My mind is a gold medal athlete – just never trains and never thinks about winning … But is able to beat everyone else without even trying.  Occasionally.  When i don’t think about it.

I have accumulated a bunch of personal “gold medal memories” during my lifetime.  Some – like the example above – are my own personal miracles. 

That “someone” was our young and vulnerable not-yet teenage daughter.  Travelling alone to meet me from work in central London.  Never travelled alone like this before.  And I, as usual, had cut it closer than common-sense or love said I should.  I saw her – on a fast moving train – from the bottom of the escalator – and tracked her onto the platform.  We met as though we did this every day.  My personal miracle.

Thank you Big Guy!


I never usually talk about this stuff.  Once I put this stuff out there most feel obliged to explain it to me.  Tell me how this or that makes it entirely logical and predictable.  Not my miracle at all.  Not any miracle really.

Same with Love.  It’s just hormones and electrical-impulses. Love is explainable boring science stuff.  Devoid of magic.  Not special at all.  Simply self-survival at work.

We don’t half suck the fun out of living!

Like the beautiful-gut-wrenching:  “Love me, Love you, Love something bigger than all of us”.  Now a command and an imperative.  Written into religion and regurgitated like a sicked-up fur-ball time after time.  Now a transaction of obligation and servitude to the One we Worship.

I have found that sucks all the fun out of something magical.  Makes it a job.  Makes “love” something we switch on-and-off instead of the exquisite eternal (timeless) magic of the “No-Bible-Required-Love” …

“Love me as much as I Love you as much as this “something” that Love transcends in all of us!”

Love which makes “kindness” fun and energising – makes “being free” so liberating and humbling – which “allows” each of the special memories-stories that each of us has – those precious-awe-inspiring-magical-life-stories inside each of us.  Those deep-down-rarely-told-stories.  Stories we keep to ourselves because others will usually suck the magic right out of them and us – tell us why we-this isn’t magical at all.


The more I look for love – the more I find magic.  The more I don’t explain your stories –  the more I find your love and your magic.  And the more I do that – the more I find this “something bigger” that is in all of us.


Because then my and your stories become as important as those “important stories” – stories like the “important” bible stories I was taught.  Biblically correct important stories academically debated and argued about religious generation after religious generation.

? ? ?

That bet at the top?

That is my personal “important story” of love and magic.

That story connects me in ways that the bible stories don’t.  And yet when I have told this story I am mostly told it isn’t special at all.  Just a bunch of bodily-mechanics and scientific-facts.

But just imagine if we were Loved enough to tell our own special stories …

Imagine the bright shining eyes – the sound of hope … Imagine how freeing and energising that would be … How “being correct” in such things might become irrelevant … How we might believe this “love each other and something bigger”  … Find Love so easy without the correct beliefs and right ologies and isms …

Because I imagine that THAT is really The Bible Story. 

The one we choose to dissect like some dead laboratory specimen with our “biblical-science” whilst arguing “science” hasn’t all the answers.  Biblically correct using biblcal science … ?

I know someone who wasn’t and didn’t..




2 thoughts on “The No Bible Required Love

  1. What a wonderful story, I’m so glad I read it this morning! Scientifically speaking… No, you’re right, this isn’t a science story. No, this isn’t something to analyze with logic and study, for even though those things have their place, this isn’t one of them. You are right: Love transcends all of that, and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you.

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    • Thank you Don. I have a few like that – all different and each one to me my own personal miracle. I guess (hope) we each do. Each one more powerful (to me) than “proper miracles”. I love hearing other’s personal miracles – they are always so intimate – so energising – so connecting!
      And always in my experience grounded in Love.
      Big hugs-

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