The Walk almost complete


The walk to the cross is almost complete. Again. Always again.
Year after year without cease. Each year the same or new.
But always the walk. And then the pause and prayer.
And then the celebration and renewal. Again. Always again.


I was talking to a friend born a Muslim just as I was born a Christian.
Religionistas talk of being “practicing or lapsed”. A sort of grading.
The chaff and the grain. The weeds and the wheat. The good or the …
Grading how good the living of religion with the reward beyond.


For a God of Unconditional Love there seems to be a lot of conditions
Here on earth. Or maybe that is our part of this Creation. Our role to
Control what is conditional and unconditional. To keep the Gates of
Heaven clean and tidy for the “practicing” to be about their religious busyness.

Anyway … my Muslim friend has been munching his chocolate Easter eggs
All week. Blissfully unaware of the insult to us Christians. Unaware that
Right now is a time for walking and sacrifice followed by mourning and only
Then the celebration. As two lapsed religionistas we had a little chuckle.


I remember something in the bible like that.  A Sabbath stroll picked apart
By the munching on ears of corn.  I have tried munching ears of corn.  They
Taste rank.  But I remember Jesus disagreeing with the religionaistas of that
Time. T hat “work” could be as conditional as we could make it.  But Love cannot.

My walk to the cross on years past is no longer.  Love made sense.  Conditions not.
Our additions and refinements not. Love always.  I used to think myself lapsed.
Now I think myself Loved.  I used to define and refine “love”.  Now I Am Love.
The cross for me is a mile-marker.  Nothing else.  The resurrection another.

And religion has little to do with anything in my life other than a long
Easter Public Holidays Weekend. A time for family. A time for Love. A time
To be together without the daily routines and pressures of daily routines.
I am a practicing Lover and a lapsed judge.


I see THAT as I look up at the cross.

4 thoughts on “The Walk almost complete

  1. This Lent our Study was called ‘Again and Again’ written by a young clergywoman who also provided images and activities to engage us as we spoke and prayed.
    Easter here in Maroubra Australia has been almost another non event, we were permitted back into our building three months ago for 1 Sunday a month only. Reason being we have no Pastors, I think I mentioned that one was promoted and the other decided to return to teaching Theology – at the sme time.
    There are 4 of us trying to stay afloat, working on Liturgy, Preaching and music until at least we get a locum – or rather supply Minister.
    Few beside ourselves are aware of all the stupid politics. I was an Ordained minister in another denomination yet cannot exercise my role without another 5 years in another Seminary.
    The older members are not aware of the process involved and apparently Uniting Church Ministers do not grow on trees or anywhere else for that matter.
    Again and Again, in and out of Covid-19 restrictions – it was glorious on Easter Day to have a correctly Ordained Pastor to assist Jesus in giving us the Sacrament. and this time we could sing as loud as we liked and without a mask. I do hope we survive because people are so desparate for congregational company that one family went to the Catholic Church last Sunday.
    Back to Zoom next Sunday,
    Unconditional Love needs someone to love.

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    • You sound both sad and joyful. An image of the roots of gnarled old tree came into my head as I read your words. The image of a tired tree – all I can see as I walk the dirt of a hot dry day. Yet underneath those roots ever more intricately interwoven and now part of the rich earth below. The earth and that tree one and the same. How that trees survives without the refreshing wet moisture of rain it awaits is just another miracle. How those absent green leaves and shoots will be so abundant within hours of that seasonal rainfall. How life and hope remains in a tree so – to our eyes – barren and lifeless.

      “Unconditional Love needs someone to love.”

      Or perhaps the need we have for unconditional love is seeing above ground and not below. Each bucket of dry earth packed with everything since creation until now. Packed with everything for life into eternity. My bucket of earth here in England is the same bucket of earth as yours in Australia. Our bucket of earth is The One bucket that connects us all in life and death. In hope and sadness. In joy and tears.

      “Unconditional Love needs someone to love.”

      In my bucket of ordinary earth I am you and you are me. Our roots are intricately interwoven and now part of One in One. I have one request.

      Fill a bucket of earth and make it your Liturgy, your Preaching, your music and your hope.


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      • Paul, this is one of the best things I have read in a while and the imagery is refreshing. Before I openened up this Tablet tonight iI was thinking about the River of Life flowing from the side of Christ carrying us all in its tide?
        Buckets of Earth with intertwined roots is an inspiring image, I think I will fill that bucket. That our roots will meet in Middle Earth.
        ((hugs back))

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