Response to the news noise …

I have grown my relationship with Mrs Paul over almost four decades. During that time we have got many things right and also too many spectacularly wrong.

We have learned as we have gone along. Often reacting to what happened rather than being in control of what would happen. Control in relationships doesn’t really exist as far as I can see. The only control I have is over my response and my reactions to “stuff” in me and around me. I get to decide whether I smile or frown, laugh or yell, cuddle or walk.

And after nearly forty years that is the only part of this relationship that I control. After nearly forty years together “stuff” still keeps happening that makes me go “Oh wow – I’m so lucky!” as well as “Oh crap – what now?”

The world is already growing weary of its relationship with covid after less than two years.

But we don’t have the option of “divorce” – of walking away. Our only choice is how we individually respond to “stuff” that keep happening. So I think we should stop counting in days or months – seasons and calendars. I think we should begin to accept we are in a relationship with covid that may be for ever.

Because while I have a choice in whether or not I stay with Mrs Paul – none of us has that choice when it comes to covid. And in Mrs Paul and I staying together we have learned how to ride the waves and cling together through the troughs. Sometimes it’s fun. And sometimes it’s not. That’s life. That’s real relationship.

Maybe it’s time that we – the world – thought the same about living with covid.

Peace out.

3 thoughts on “Response to the news noise …

  1. Mrs Andrew and myself had reached that conclusion many weeks ago, just waiting for it to sink in elsewhere. Australia is in a worse sitiuation than right in the beginning, yesterday the Premier informed the State that the Federal Goverment is going to declare a National Emergenceu rather than State by State.
    We are almost back into tightest lockdown, they haven’t yet closed the beach yet I can see it coming. in the Southwest they closed Supermarks, cafes Chemists etc for a period since that is our biggest cluster.
    On the one hand people are still reluctant to be vaccinated with Atrazenica due to a few deaths from Thrombosis, then there are the Antivaxes and now we are out of vaccine for about 2 weeks.
    We are both fully immunised, with our certificates on our phones but are ordered to be tested should we show the slightest symptoms.
    We now have the Indian strain and people are walking about with it and infecting everyone else. It is an $11,000 fine for leaving Greater Sydney yet people are doing it, and $200 for being maskless, hardly any of the younger people wear masks. Now the children are getting infected and the doctors are calibrating the dosage for 15 and up.
    O and there was a huge drug raid yesterday, just next door. Small fry but enough to sell for beaucoup dollare – hence the speed boat in the front yard. No one was arrested.
    We have just returned from our exercise period. I was about to write something on love so I had better catch up with you. Mr Andrew

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    • Relationship is often expected to be all fun and sun (at least for the one taking from the one giving), i.e. transactional. Seems like that is where we are now- all our sacrifices, giving, and going without should now be rewarded by being able to do what we want, when we want and how we want. Seems to me we have a wonderful “secular” parallel equivalent to “sin” in religious circles. Perhaps sin isn’t quite the mystical unfathomable “we can’t help it” that Christians have excused themselves for generations. Maybe it’s just the absence of saying “no” to something I think I deserve. Big hugs as always 🙂

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