Am I globally and nobly connected . . .

Why do we hit “share” on our social media so quickly when “stuff happens”?

Because it’s easy … because we are offended … because we want to help … because it’s a habit … because it’s so easy we don’t have to think … ?

. . . . . .

Fact or fiction

Fast-moving events mean that misleading imagery will inevitably appear on social media.

It is easily shared, often by those who believe the images to be genuine.

Social media users can limit the spread of disinformation by taking a few seconds before hitting the “share” button to consider whether what they’re seeing seems genuine and is from a source that they trust.

Most news organisations go to great lengths to verify footage before using it in their reports, so checking with multiple trusted sources before sharing will help to prevent these images from being widely shared.

(BBC News website Reality Check article:

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