Love changes who I am

Amidst all the anger, fear, death, and hope (or hopelessness) that is happening in Ukraine – our grandson became one whole year old. A baby born into a covid world who was such perfection when so much else was not. A beautiful boy who celebrated his first birthday in a world that seems to prefer ugliness so often.

Our daughter put together a video of his first year. Picture after picture of this new life. Shared moment after moment. Ordinary extraordinary moments. Each one re-firing memories into this moment right now.

I prayed for you before I called you mine.

And with a soundtrack – words I have never heard – but which brought tears then and still do each time I listen. Touches something so very deep inside. Makes me something better. Connects me with something better.

I get to love you. It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do. I get to love you. It’s a promise I’m making to you. I get to love you.

Love is stronger than covid, stronger than war, love is everywhere quietly going about living and loving in a world that talks about power, might, right and wrong.

The way you love, it changes who I am.

Love without condition.



Love. Changes. Who. I. Am.

Let it be always.

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