Ishmaels Tale – one of them

Part 1

My name is Ishmael bar Abraham, I am also Ishmael bar Hagar. My aunt is Sarah bat Terah, who was barren, she was my father’s half sister. My cousin is Lot ben Haran,ben Milcah.

His father died  in the fire, before Abraham’s retinue left Ur of the Caldees; Haran and Milcah being my […]

Ishmaels Tale – one of them

Andrew, the missing one.

How is everyone? I have been recovering from a Total Left Hip Replacement and have spent a great deal of my time taking photos for the various photo blogs I have joined. I have not written anything creative until now. It is too long, I think, part 2 will be briefer.

Churchwise they have inducted me into the ranks of Synod Lay Preachers. My first engagement is 27th November. 🙏

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