Be blessed

“Be blessed.”

Is that the same as “be angry”“be afraid”“be naked” … ?

And why are those two words – “be blessed” – so often added when telling someone they are wrong?

Like a smiley except with God’s endorsement of “He loves you so I have to as well.”

“This is why I am right and you are not.  Be blessed.”

I ask because I keep seeing “be blessed”.  And it irritates me every time.  Like “blessings” or “have a blessed day”.  Is this a direct line to God that means his blessings are directed at our beck and call … ?

“God … blessings over here – supersize them please.”

“God, one of your “creations” needs correcting.  Standard sized blessings – and if they are leftovers that’s ok.  This one doesn’t deserve them really.”

Is it just me having a bad day – or does this “Christanese” of meaningless “love”  gibberish (that isn’t love at all) irritate anyone else?

Because if you aren’t – you should be.

Be blessed.