A personal relationship with Jesus

“Maureen, please don’t make the mistake of thinking most atheists haven’t had a personal realtionship with jesus at some point in their lives. Yes, there are some lifelong athiests, but many, many atheists are deconverted christians. Some were religiously abused and so left their religion, but others left of their own accord without trauma. Even pastors and priests leave the faith.  
Cue the next argument: “but deconverts, you weren’t ‘real’ chrisitans if you left the religion.” 🙂 ”
The conversation between “Christian and Atheist” continues at Mel’s place: “Natural theology and atheistic confusion”

Just for interest here are some stats:
a) original post when copied and pasted = 1.5 pages of A4
b) comments below the post = 64.7 pages of A4
c) comments in three days since post published = 180 comments.
The comment above was the most recent when I had a look this morning.

I have huge respect for those adding comments – and particularly Mel who has responded to each.  Wow!

As always the conversation loses me.  The length and repetitive nature of the conversation, the addition of vitriol from some, the tangents and loops, the presentation of beliefs from all sides dressed up as fact and evidence, the sheer length of all that, the real time necessary to converse … My family – my job – my living – don’t get that much time!  Not without all else being put on hold.  So big respect to all concerned.

“Maureen, please don’t make the mistake of thinking most atheists haven’t had a personal realtionship with jesus at some point in their lives.”

Thank you Violet.

When I have had a personal relationship with anyone, that relationship was based on my vulnerability.

So my “page” has been written on.  My blank page became not “my page” at all.  And I have now reclaimed my page.  My page is once again mine.  But it will never be free of the graffiti.  That leaves its mark forever.  Good and bad.  My choice.

So I cannot tell you about my relationship (failed or living) with a blank page.  And I will have edited my page.  We each write and rewrite our own “pages”.  Not just about God or no-God.  But about everything.  Even the stuff we take for granted (currently).  We are each authors of our own unfinished book called “My Life and My Living.”  Some write lots.  Some say they don’t.

So this 180 comment-fest in three days …  It loses me because I do not see “evidence” from both sides – I don’t see “fact”.  I see “personal relationship pages” written upon.  I see division where none should be.  I see we tell each other “you are wrong and I am right” over and over again.

I have a title for my book: “Love is the answer, kindness is my evidence.”

That’s my current title – and if it not yours (yet) – that’s okay.

It never used to be mine either.