It’s all about you

So there I am at a very important party. And, as always, I have taken along my Best Friend who indwells … “And it’s good to meet you, John – my name is Paul – let me introduce my Best Friend who is also here, His name is …”


It happened to me something like that years ago … “Hi I am Sam and this is Sarah, do you have Christ in your life right now?”

Pardon me?

Just like those annoying cold calls that are never selling anything (in the hope that you stay on the phone). Oh yes you are selling something – you never call unless you are selling something!

T.F. Thompson in a lovely little post: “No One Else is There” – ponders about never introducing Jesus. As in never introducing Jesus is like denying Jesus here on earth. Which means Jesus will deny us in heaven.  Because the bible says so.  And it got me thinking.

Thank you TF.

If I introduce Jesus to you because I think I should … is it about you … or Jesus … or me?

Because when it happened to me all those years ago it was never about me.  It was never about my tomorrow or my yesterday.  It was never about Jesus either.  It was about Sam and Sarah. It was always about Sam and it was always about Sarah.

And when I looked them in the eye and said it was not a good time right now. They said okay and moved on. They never thought to ask why it wasn’t a good time. Nor thought to ask if they could help. Nor thought to ask anything at all.

Sam and Sarah weren’t interested in my past present or future. Nor in me being saved because of what it might mean or not.  Nor in anything very much.  Sam and Sarah were working for God because they had been taught they were saved and now worked for God (and – maybe – because university students need God more than most because of all the drink and drugs and sex that students consume).

I think …

That when I worry about introducing my Best Friend, then it isn’t about “you” at all.  I think it is never about my “Best Friend” either.  I think it is about me.

Ticking boxes … saving souls … me making a case …. me and my eternity …my reward … my earning … and me looking God in the eye and telling Him:

“You must have me on you good list – I was working for You!”

Or am I missing something?