Epilepsy and Migraines

I had intended to post this here but confusion prevailed and her it is….


This may be a strange post for this Blog however God is good and all ills can but produce good. Empathy, Sympathy,anger,even grief, each one play their part in the formation of the Soul.

Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

I have been ill over this past week, a kind of falling where my legs become as if paralysed for up to three hours, furthermore I experience double vision and a crown of thorns headache. This has been occurring over a three year period; the first time coincided with the commencement of another trial drug for my epilepsy, it was Perampanel (sold under the trade name Fycompa – almost immediately I began to experience symptoms similar to those above, so we withdrew the drug.

Over the next few years I began to experience the same events – without Perampanel and deduced that something…

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