Dear God, are you that small?


Verse of the Day (11th January 2019)
“When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place.  The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.  What can mere mortals do to me?” Psalm 118:5-6



Lord, Lord, why hast thou forsaken me … ?

Morning Paul, I take it you slept well then?  🙂

Very well, thank you. And a quest …

Let’s get to it as I am in your head: 

“Why do “Christians” feel compelled to defend all things “Christian” – the bible primarily, their relationship with me, the church and fellowship, living a life of service, dropping all the friends they love (once they are saved and find me), shedding the responsibility for personal financial security because I will provide … “

All “that stuff” you mean?

Cut to the chase why don’t you?  But yes – that “stuff” – and more: the need to have the bible be factually and mathematically correct … the need to use this stuff as its own evidence.  To elevate the bible to this “encyclopedic explanation” for “history, nature, science and everything”.  All of which seems evidenced in this (seemingly) ingrained:

“I am right – I am Christian.” 

Just like “original sin” – but backwards/reversed – like “genetic coding”:

I have no choice: I am saved.  I am Christian. I am of God.

Are you that small?

(because we are in each others’ heads – and others are not – I feel an explanation of that question is useful)

Am I that small … as to need you to evidence (in your beliefs and behaviour) the “biblically correct” Christian beliefs  … to be “evidenced” in the behaviour and choices  of the saved Christian?

Because If I am who I say I am … Am I not “big enough” to encompass all life and beliefs … All “gods” and belief in “gods” … All changing religious AND secular beliefs AND lifestyles … To be “god” to and for all …

Even those who have never seen a bible … ?

Thank you.  Yes.  It always seems to come back to the bible.

Because how can I be saved if I never even see the bible in my lifetime … How can I be a Christian if I never hear your “Word” … How can I know you if I never have a bible to read … ?

That kind of “small”.

Yet here we are chatting away without a care in the world. 🙂

And some would say I am not chatting to you at all.  That I am talking to myself – using my imagination – that this is chemical and electrical impulses (plus my culture of being brought up in a “Christian” society which has ready access to the bible) … “Make believe” … 

… And some would say I don’t speak to “just anyone” since going back to heaven and becoming “God” again.  And I am confident you qualify as another “just anyone” in  religious circles.  So that makes “this” not biblically correct to many.

Perhaps we should stop meeting like this.  Take the conversation to church.  Make this prayer and meditation.  Add a dollop of worshipful holiness to our relationship.  🙂 

So you are avoiding the question … ?

Stop playing to your imagined audience Paul …

“We swim in a sea belief … ” ring any bells?  Beliefs “that change” … that are a personal amalgam of “fact, fiction and personal preference” … that are an “evolution of belief” … ?

You have your “answer” in our relationship … our evolving and evolutionary relationship … a relationship that can only “work” with the resources available to you right now … resources that are “fact, fiction and personal preference”.

Hello … Are we still inside each other’s heads … ?

My “resources” …

Are still “resources“ with AND without the bible … with AND without a completed “journey of life and living” … with AND without the absolutes of the answers I seek … with AND without absolute fact …

Because I will ALWAYS add fiction (that I call intuition and experience) and preference (which I call commonsense). 

So “fact” will never be enough …

… So the bible and Christianity are simply “resources available to you right now”.

And what you do with those “resources” is up to you.  But you and I can have a relationship without any of that at all. 

You can call me any name you want.  You can see me in everything or nothing.  You can blame or praise me for everything or nothing.  You can worship me or not.  You can serve me or not.  You can find me or not …  

Hang on a minute, you little sinner, …  🙂

Am I actually answering some of your questions … ?

🙂 🙂 🙂