Our spiritual taste-buds

Sitting here working as usual, YouTube playing a series of songs by Dire Straits in the background …

I became aware of this wonderful music and my brain slowly registering that what I was listening to was “not Dire Straits” – not the Dire Straits that I had heard before.

This was the music:


And I had to stop and find out what it was I was listening to – that had taken me away to somewhere very special – somewhere resonating and connecting – that was now on repeat play …

Following a string of three multi-platinum albums with Dire Straits—Dire Straits (1978), Communiqué (1979), and Making Movies (1980)—Knopfler, the group’s lead singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, began to look for new musical challenges and opportunities. In early 1982, his manager wrote to several film directors indicating that Knopfler was interested in writing film music. Producer David Puttnam responded, and after reviewing the Local Hero project, Knopfler accepted the job.[3] Following the completion of Dire Straits’ fourth album, Love Over Gold, recorded from 8 March to 11 June 1982, Knopfler began work on the film’s music. He invited Gerry Rafferty to be the lead vocalist on the song, “The Way It Always Starts”. In 2000, Rafferty invited Knopfler to provide rhythm guitar and lead fills on what would be his final studio album, Another World.

Let me extract what floored me – and read these words slowly: “ … his manager wrote to several film directors indicating that Knopfler was interested in writing film music.”   WOW!!

That line “gets me” at so many levels!  I could learn from that. I just did.

And is it just me, or does our Lord and Father seep into so much that is creative – so much we “Christian folk” tend to assume is “not of the Lord” – and gently entwine Himself in our “spiritual taste-buds” – even when we think He isn’t?

And does He “invite” something … we never even knew was “something”  … we “never even knew” could be … something … an invitation … and we suddenly find He and me are embracing even tighter?

And just because I am little bit in love with this moment – here is the “studio version” with some beautiful visuals:

Wild Theme from Local Hero film- Mark Knopfler