How are you and I so different?

Road rage has become a feenomenom.

A piece of road that is “mine”.  A piece of road that travels, like a magic carpet, with me as I travel.  A piece of road bigger than my car.  Sometimes a lot bigger.  Usually as big as I need it to be in order to blow my fuse at you.  And I will blow my fuse at you when you drive your heap of shit into my piece of road.  When you drive in any way that I deem “improper”, that seems to me disrespectful, that challenges my authority over you – then you will suffer the consequences – then you will know the reality of road rage.  I will unleash my rage upon you.  And you will pay the price.

I see word rage in these blogs.  I see comment rage in Facebook.  And as for twitter rage …

We seem to becoming a race of rage – Race Rage.

Even talking of love offends some.  Having the temerity to see similarity rather than difference – that evokes race rage in some.  Looking for love – and finding it – has become disrespectful.  Is excuse enough for unleashing the debt collectors of disrespect.  For collecting on a debt of disrespect is road rage – is word rage – is comment rage – is twitter rage – is race rage.  My absolute right to belittle you because that is the price for disrespecting me.  And I have a right to collect.  With interest!

This internet is not the reason.  I think the reason is fear.  Fear of fear itself.  The fear of a parent whose child is “out of control”.  The fear of a parent to be seen as not “cool”.  The fear of being arrested for reprimanding another’s child.  Fear of being attacked by those being reprimanded.  Fear of what might happen.  Fear of what might not happen.  Fear seems to encourage race rage.  A rage that does not fear being reprimanded.  A rage that simmers like a fire carefully banked and trimmed.  Ready to flare  at the slightest hint of “direspect”.

The odd thing about disrespect … ?  The “disrespect-er” usually has no awareness of any transgression.  It is the “disrespect-ee” who is both victim and attacker – both at the same time.  Which might seem – to any reasonable person – an excuse.  That being a bully might be closer to the truth.

The other thing I have found.  You can tell race rage quite easily.  It blames.  It metes out punishment.  It attacks.  It tells.  It is righteous.  It is above reproach.  And it is “the victim” of the other’s malicious intent, the other’s lack of malicious intent, the other’s temerity to have a voice, the other’s temerity to not have a voice, the other’s lack of knowledge, the other’s misguided belief in their own knowledge … the list of “whatever fits” is endless.  It has to be.

Because always “the other” committed the crime – and “the victim” will make sure “the other” pays the price.

Remember that saying “the law of the jungle” … “dog eat dog” … ?  I have seen enough dogs to know it is the owner who determines a dog’s behaviour.  I have seen enough documentaries to know “the jungle” has more respect for life than we seem to.

I think we are out of excuses.  I think being an intellectual and/or emotional and/or physical bully has no more excuse.  It is personal choice every time.

And that’s why I look for love – because I do have a choice – and I do choose what I look for – and I will find what I look for.  I always do and I always will.  Just like race rage finds what it seeks.  It always does and always will.

We are the same.  We all find what we look for.  We all make choices in what we look for.

So just how are you and I so different?