But the bible says …



What are the end times?

I have no idea.  If you mean does dusk fall before night, does dawn fall before day, does the womb come before birth, does love come before enlightenment, the seed before fruit … then why are all these not also called “The End Times”?

I am of eternity without time.  Not time as you count each minute or second.  That time is of transaction – of counting units measured against “how much I have been given”.  I know not that “time”, so how can “The End Times” be anything other than another transaction of “When will I get what is due to me – when will they as well (just not what they think they’ll get)”.  Do you really suppose I am of transaction?

But the bible says …

Always that.  Always “the bible says”.  Janet and John reading books.  Kindergarten fodder.  Playground morals.  And the best joke of all?  Those who know their bible best think they are “mature Christians”.   Those who can quote Janet and John parrot-fashion are revered as close to me.

Don’t get me wrong – Janet and John passes (your) time – and there are lots of words that can be made to mean whatever is needed – you can make any amount of personal preferences validated as God-inspired … But would you elevate Janet and John to such heights?  Would you base your whole life on understanding ever-better how to become John or Janet? 

Why do you not read Janet and John right now – why categorise it as “first reading” material?  Why put it down and never open it again once you progress to “proper books”? 

So why treat the bible differently – why elevate repeating “chapter and verse” from memory to something … akin to sainthood?

But the bible says …

Paul are you not hearing me.  Anyone can memorise the bible – even me!  Anyone can recall verses if they practice enough.  But do you think I look upon these “parrots” with any more delight and love than one who has never even seen a “bible”?  Do you imagine I distinguish between those who quote from the Koran or from the Bible or from any “sacred text”?   Am I really so partisan – so transactional – so small-minded?  Do you imagine I see Love as “correct” and “incorrect”?  How can I – why would I … ?

But the bible says …

Try saying “But Janet and John says …”   How about you and I agree here and now that whenever you are tempted to say, or you hear spoken, “But the bible says …” – you replace that with “Janet and John says” – and then proceed with whatever train of thought you were riding.

But the b … Janet and John says …  WOW!

THAT makes no sense as a reason for argument EVER! 

Thank you.  But another question … 

What do remember of Janet and John, Paul?

Kindness.  Hope.  Innocence.  Youthfulness.  A childlike youthfulness of hope and kindness and love.  That’s what I remember.  Not the words nor the titles nor the page numbers.  I remember something good.  Something timeless.



And you thought I was being silly. 

You already have the essence of the bible.  You have the greatest of these as your memory.  You see love as unconditional and me as love.  You live that as though THAT is all that matters.  And yet you think yourself no more than a moment in time.  This moment and the next.  You have no interest in The End Times for the same reason as me.

Time is a transactional measure.  But the moment is of eternity.  And that is where we all meet – that is where we are all open to all the moment brings and allows (without prejudice or the bible).

But Janet and John says …

Made sense then and now.  But you have no need to live THEIR life right now – you can only live YOUR life moment by moment. 

Why do you need “Janet and John” for that if you are The Greatest of These – if you become I Am?

Doesn’t that get in the way of this and every moment – each one of eternity – if you allow?