By Bible Coloring and me.

Just right now I am in a dilemma that scares me and as per usual-I haven’t asked God to make a way through.

It is that time,again,when my Reandron shot is due. I checked the Pharmacy and they’re sure there is no script. The dilemma is to find a doctor who will prescribe,if I can’t get in to my own.

Even after being 100% legally MALE for the past 21 years there are yet Medics who won’t issue scripts.

This morning I was in such a dither that I took my weekly diabetic injection without removing its cover. I need to discover whether I can manage safely until the next one is due….

I ask myself

‘What does God and my life sustaining medication have in common?’

They both safeguard my health. Spiritually and temporally.

Though he guards my soul and has measured the length of my days,I have never to my knowledge and my Bipolar,of late turned to Jesus and said help me with the steps I must take,let me not be afraid,not harbour trouble for a future that may never come.

I am am anxious my chest has a small elephant sitting on it. The Holy  Spirit prays for me-I think she’s getting weary with my fear which always preceeds faithfulness.

So much sickness inhabits the two of us! Yet God will make a way.

O Lord help my unbelief.