Once I found Love all of that became a curiosity

I have walked the Walk of The Cross.  I have walked in The Garden.  I have celebrated The Baby.  I have kneeled at the Altar of Biblical Correctness.

It is a journey I’m glad I journeyed.

I have cast out Sin and asked for forgiveness.  I have worshipped and prayed, fellowshipped and discipled.  I have learned much and been taught many things.

I am so glad I have and was.

I have criticised and questioned, agreed and embraced, I have believed much and believe still so many things.   I am not static in my beliefs and hope never to be static.  I have come to believe this is bigger than belief.  This is bigger than any and all of that.

This is about Love.  Nothing else. 

And yet to become Love I had to cast-off so much that I was taught and learned, so much I was encouraged to debate and study.  So much I thought real and unchanging.  But found was simply earthly mile-markers that I had walked in my Walk.

I Am has become more and more profound to me.  A simplicity and truth.

I Am – Loving something bigger than you and me, Loving you, Loving me.

Love.  Just without the hierarchy of which “love” is better.

And for me now without the constriction of having to be a sinner saved.

I passed that mile-marker as well.

Mile -markers … ?

The bible is “The Bible” – God is “God” – I am a sinner and always will be – all the what is correct and what is not – all the study of the bible to find “The One True God” that is the real God.  Passed all those mile-markers a way back.  Kept walking.  Never realised I was walking where there aren’t mile-markers.  Just Love.

Only after finding I Am Love finding that mile-markers become irrelevant.  Until I left the mile-markers behind I always thought “Love” was The Question to The Destination.  But an answer and destination I was taught I would never find or reach.

My teaching stopped with so many mile-markers stretching ahead.

And now beyond those many mile-markers – now I have found Love.


The Church invites me to stop asking before the mile-markers stop inviting.

Maybe to keep me in the fold, in the congregation, in The Church – maybe to keep me close to the Church rather than the God The Church teaches.  The biblically correct God of the The Bible rather than of my everyday living – your everyday living – our everyday living bigger than either of us.

Like Love.

Love without a hierarchy of four or seven different correct definitions.  Love without having to be biblically correct – all the debate and definitions redefined again and again.

Same as all the “stuff” of mile-markers.

The ones that stretch over the horizon I wasn’t encouraged to walk. Instead taught that a Follower follows – a Follower stays close – that a Follower of The Way needs mile-markers always – that a Follower doesn’t lead or stray where there are no mile-markers to Follow.

I am no longer a follower.  I am Love.


So please walk your own mile-markers.  Please ask your own questions, believe your own beliefs, do your own stuff, be correct and certain-uncertain of all the stuff that any journey is.  I am the same and as different as you are to me.

It’s just that I find mile-markers and following too constricting.

And now I find Love so liberating.  Now I find “mile-markers” keep me from Love.

But here’s the thing …

Would I have found I Am Love without my journey – the bible, the church  – all the teaching and questions … ?

Weirdly – once I found Love all of that becomes a curiosity.

Being “biblically correct” becomes irrelevant.  Sin and forgiveness and worship and praise too.  Different definitions of love in four or seven words as well.  Attending church and glorifying those mile-markers for ever and ever, amen?

That was a manmade prison of Followers.  Just like The Garden – that don’t go there tree!

Yet without my journey – without going past the mile-markers to that place of him and me …

I would never have found Love.  Never found I Am.  Never have known I Am Love.

So I hope you do too.  I hope you find the place where mile-markers and correctness run out – where must, should, ought are no longer – where are Following stops being “following”.

It has taken me decades to allow this stuff to become simple. Love.  Me.  You.  Something bigger.

But now I am …

I am.