Trammelled mind.



Andrew James Blair Tuesday, ‎18 ‎July ‎2006, ‏‎8:09:08 PM

My last post seems befuddling, like my mind  of late. I muddled my medication because I forgot a dose and stupidly doubled up. The anti-mania tablet became 2 and the anti-depressive is only 1 and I found myself thinking of the words that hurt.

That follow me through the  tunnels of my time, my hurting heart suspended on that breaking bridge , my shattered heart.

Like glass, depending on liquid to define the cup, wine or water, blood and water, mingle down that holy side.

And all my crosses crossed when He my mind set free.

Why return to that hurt back yonder? Because the one I love berates me with words from hell, long passed but still remembered.

Do we crucify anew when memory escapes to open gates… Best left alone within the perished One?