Have I told the one about …



So you’re up and about again.  You were missed.  Four days we were stuck inside.  You only did three – or should that be two and maybe a bit more or less – maybe even one and bit when I do the maths.

I am.  Up and about again.  

With the same sense of humour I see.  

A digital distancing Easter this year.  Communion via the ether.  Techno-worship with pixels on a screen.  Did you partake, Paul?

I’ll take that as a rhetorical question, Mr Know-it-All.  You know I didn’t – even though we’ve communed using pixels for ages now.  You and me – and this “digital window” on the confessional wall (or is that the fourth wall – I can never remember).  

You aren’t a fan of church, are you?  But you stick with this bloggy-internet congregation.  Can’t find it in you to get up and leave.   What’s it been now … ?  Coming up for seven years – you, your keyboard, and your prized-collection of pics.  



And you.  Always you.  

So you aren’t calling time on your “three-years” either, Paul?  Your “ministry” seems to show no sign of abating or ascending either.  

I have no ministry.  No mission.  I have no prophecy to fulfil – no sins through the ages to wash clean – no foretold future … just a fast-depleting memory of the past.  I think I have accidentally arrived “in the moment” and I like it.

So mine was everything yours isn’t?  You make it sound as though I had no “journey” – that I am simply a foretold and fulfilled prophecy – a designer baby with one purpose – to be hung out up to dry.  You get a “journey” while all I got was a pre-determined six-lane motorway with flashing-lights – all the way to a great-big-wide-open portal to heaven – that I had no choice.  Which makes nonsense of all that stuff in the Good News – the narrow path, the small gate, the seek and you shall find, now you see darkly, now you don’t … none of that “free will” and “unconditional love” … more a case of “Don’t do as I did (because I had no choice) – do as The Bible Says (because you have a choice but not really)”.

Who do you say I am? 😂😂😂

Three days (or one and a bit) and you’re a stand-up already!  🙈🙈🙈

And that’s another rhetorical Mr “stand-up” Know-it-All.  You know I choose to be bible-blind.  I say you are Love Without Condition – that you are the greatest of these.

I think you don’t care “what the bible says” (or what I think the bible says).  I think you don’t worry about the numbers (how  many bums on seats).  I think you simply hope that I get you AND I think you see Love everywhere and in everyone in this beautiful self-healing planet those who “see correctly” dismiss so readily.

And you got all that from the bible?  What about The Creation (and not evolution), and the Garden (and not science), what about the trials and tribulations, the wanderings, the hardship, the history, the awe and trembling – are you dismissing all of that?  And then the despair, the loneliness, the splintering and stamping out of the Chosen People, all the ceremonies and rituals, the feasts and fasting, the traditions and institutions, the Court of God that validates my Chosen People even today taking land from the unclean … ?  What about all the biblical correctness and heritage … ?

You are dismissing me and all of that – you are not seeing darkly – not carrying a cross – not being who and what I made you to be.

You almost said all of that with a straight face … not!!     



If I was “correct” there would be no Good News.  If I worried about all the “stuff” the “church” worries about there would be only conditional love.  If I was what you all try so very hard to make me I would not be Love.  I would be transaction and condition.   

I don’t care whether you can quote me a verse or a bible reference.   I don’t care whether you go to church or not.  I care only for you as I care for each.  With a love that is eternal and infinite.   A love that needs no answers.  A love once experienced means we are as one – that you know me as I know you.  That was my only journey and I hope it is yours as well.

Now, have I told you the one about …