“Why cling to my coat-tails … ?” (a thought … )

As I was writing the “Why cling to my coat-tails all the time?” post this morning I had an image in my mind.

And I couldn’t find it ..

And the word count of the post was high …

And time was pressing …


But with some spare-time later this morning, I had another look – and came across this (second) image (I hadn’t had in mind):

The ubiquitous (in my day) schoolchildren’s “crocodile”.

That two-by-two column, escorted by adults, anytime we children left the confines of our school.  I can remember holding hands with boys, girls, friends, enemies, odd-balls and cool kids in my class and never asking why (for those unfamiliar with the “crocodile” – it was so that we stayed together and didn’t get lost).  The hand-holding was entirely functional and taken for granted by all concerned.  We rarely knew where we going and never thought to ask.  We never found it taxing or challenging.  We all had to keep together which meant all going at the same pace no matter how slow.  And we all waited to be told what to do next and then did it.

With respect to this morning’s post, I think it a far kinder representation of the essence of that post than the image I did have in mind.

The essence of the post was a thought that many believers “follow” in a similar way.  All so they don’t get lost.  And all calling this “walking in faith”. All walking the “narrow path”.  All needing to “be as one”.  Without it being taxing or challenging.

It is a gentler image than the one I had in mind which was this.



A scene from “Prison Break” Series 1 (and for those unfamiliar with that)

An established prison population. The chap in jeans and white top in the picture is “T-Bag”.  One of those high-up the inmate’s own “inmates hierarchy”.  Someone who had earned his status and one who merited (and always had) a “companion”.   And this companion was usually from the latest intake of “fresh meat” to arrive – one who was fearful of everyone and everything – one who wanted and needed “protection”.  And one who was prepared to give everything for that protection – no questions asked.

But just how would the prison population know this “fresh meat” was already spoken for?  By the “companion” holding T-Bag’s turned-out pocket whenever they were in public.

Visibly joined – already spoken for – no questions required.


Not quite as gentle an image as the crocodile.


Thank you.