Sod Starbucks and Christmas

The Starbucks furore depresses me.  All the “stiff necks”, the “hard hearts”, the assumption that because we are a “Christian” country “this” is an attack on “us”.   I want to ask for silence in this storm (in a coffee cup – boom-boom!  🙂 ).  Because I want to ask for a calming truce in something much more important.

I want to ask “them” something.  The ones that sleep with their “own kind”. The ones that do unspeakable things in the bedroom! The ones who walk down the street – in public – holding hands – “kissing” each other – in public! You know who I mean. They are so damn noisy!

They constantly demand that children should be taught that “that kind of behaviour” is perfectly natural. They constantly expect that children should be taught “it is okay” to do these unspeakable things in the bedroom. And just where is procreation in all of this? Don’t they all have sex for “fun”!  And that is not loving. That is carnal. That is sin. And yet it gets worse …

They want us to accept their behaviour – to love their “unspeakable things” – to become more and more who they are. They want us to change.  And that is not natural!  That is not loving. Not as my God describes it.  I just want to enjoy this Christmas without all their “noise”!  I want to enjoy being me.  Just for a while.

Thank you.