Depressed Australian

An inch is as good as a mile.

Hello everyone, I am still with us. Events in Australia for the past 4 months haven’t exactly brought to mind edifying thought’s.

Though fully immunised we are confined to barracks and to a radius of 5km within our Local Council Area. We are now come to lockdown at Local Government level.

My Covid-19 Passport is now available on Mygov. to download.

Church proceeds via Zoom, under guidance from Team Church,since we have no Pastors.

This Sunday we will have all our favourite choruses and hymns. Should be babel to music.

Mrs Andrew awaits major surgery and next Thursday I finally get the results of the MRI done April this year. Still little access to real Medical Treatment since almost all consultations are by phone.

Accidentally missed 2 nights of my Antidepressants and am as flat as a pancake and can’t process too well.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away,blessed be the Name of the Lord.