Our differences are a wonderful curiosity

“We are Evangelical Christians but we do not support Trump.”

Once again I find us to be amazing!  How our personal stature amongst others requires us to maintain our personal stature no matter what, where or why.

That statement – part of a conversation about global politics with our USA family – confused me.  But many things about our transAtlantic relationship confuse me …

– Parking the car.  Over here we just “park” where we need to stop without blocking others (usually).  Apparently this would get a ticket in the USA if not parking on the right side of the street and pointing the right way (I am still not clear how this benefits mankind).  But for a “free country” these many rules seem very self-regulating.
– The ongoing conversations about “old” – in relation to buildings and country.  We have old buildings – some fall down and others are kept looking pretty.  As for how old or why – we tend not to be concerned with storing all that stuff in our heads – takes up space for more important things.
– Taking it all in.  Sitting still and just breathing seems a trick not worth doing (this is a personal grouch).  Just that I remain confused why seeing so many things (and planning ahead so many more things to do even while doing the many things already being done) makes for a better visit – but there we are.

We are all amazingly different!

Anyway – back to the “Evangelical statement”.

I bumped into a post by Nan this morning: “The Ends Justify the Means” which made a little more sense of the conversation here – I invite you to click on the link and have a look – it is a reblog of another post.  Yet – even with it making more sense – I am just as confused …

For a God of infinite mercy, of eternal life … Who was before and is now and will be  evermore …  For a God who died so that I may live (no matter who, where, or what I am) … For a God who seems less interested in what brand of church I attend, whether or not I name myself a Christian, of which differentiation of “Christian” I name myself … Who is God not just of this world … Who gave the fulsome example that “being saved” does not mean being part of a worldly empire (and ruling over all in it) …

Who was many things to many people … But above all One who didn’t accept the concept (and reality) of hierarchy and privilege enabling anything (including queue-jumping) … Who simply sees you and me always … And who meets us where we are always … And who loves each of us no matter where we are always … And who loves each of us the same because that’s what love is always …

This ongoing maintenance of personal stature in keeping up “Christian appearances” – all seems very secular to me (which I find amazing – given the Big Picture of bible-God-Jesus-love-being-saved stuff) – and is this just another example of how we have made religion our protector from God (again)? 

“We are Evangelical Christians but we do not support Trump.”

Our American family are good people.  Normal human beings living normal lives.  We love our American family.  We love our family and the differences between us all.  They are most wonderful curiosity.  And – I think – this little story could apply to many in any country – even our country!  

All in all?

Another (unexpected) example of how we are ALL really and truly … amazing!