The covert it.

What is hidden that there be no God there? Though germs are invisible until magnified so our God is Magestic in Magnification.

The conundrum is God so loved the world he gave his one and only son and we are imperishable should we love Him. Why then our self created fear? Devil number 19, turning husband against wife, grandfather against daughters, a tiny babe cannot lead when is seen as poison and death.

We are still preserved in the palm of God’s hands, grasp his thumb as the babes we ought be!

Within this A.C. zero is a new beginning! Fear not for I am with you, I love you and I will deliver you from the hidden plague as Israel from Egypt.

I know, my children you are shamed and horrified by the blood like pollution, algae blooms which fill my rivers. Plastic wrapped fish under sentence of death drowning in my seas. These overt, open things like the lamp on the hillside, drive you to action because they are overt, ever present dangers, you can take evasive action, you can see, you can DO.

Not the scourge which travels submagnified. It you cannot see. Nothing can you do as singletons or community to fight the hidden death. But listen, it is not the miasma of clogged or absent sewers even though the masks are similar. The covert does not shroud like fog, ensnaring everyone with icy fingers.

This hidden thing goes in one direction only, positive to negative and if you are not the former none you elbow bump or ruffle hair will become the latter. It is your soul response ibility to test the daemon that it does not inhabit the strong man’s house.

Your soul response to embrace this crooked new dawn, be distant as love is not distanced.

You want to hug. Family again. Abide with me , I do not sleep, ask and I will give abundance flowing like water from my side.

Do not be afraid you are making yourselves sick..You know who holds the future. Grasp my thumb.