The greatest gift of all


If we are surrounded by love
What need have we to change the world
(And all therein).

If you are surrounded as I
By the same love surrounding us all
And all therein.
Then maybe my “job” is not
To save the unsaved so to save Him His world
(And all therein).

Maybe my “job” is to breathe in
This love and allow me (to allow me) to change
(And all therein).

For if love is what I think
It is as connecting as the air I breathe out
(And all therein)
Then we will connect in love
Without me “working” at all (if I allow All –
And All therein).

So perhaps I can change my “job” and focus on me –
Stop trying to change you (and start changing me).
For what more can I give you than all that I Am
(and why work on others but a small part of me?)

Why say myself not worthy –
Say me never enough?
Not a gift worth giving –
Not a prize enough.

If I really love me
As I Am loved –
I am the greatest prize
I ever can give full stop
(If I really give me of love
And all therein).