Going with the obvious



We watched The Game Changers last night.   Just like church and God, I was brought up in a home of meat-and-three-veg.  That’s what we did: church on Sunday and a roast dinner to follow.  As for organic and all that … it wasn’t a thing back then.

We have a vegan in the family.  A daughter.  And all of our children went vegetarian at some point in the young lives.  The power of education, fashion, and peer pressure is huge.  All changed their minds after a while.  Either McDonalds or the smell of a bacon sandwich.

And then healthy eating became a thing.  Calorie-counting and a balanced-diet became even more moneymaking mainstream.   But what is healthy eating … just like what is climate change … and is there really a God?

Is there really a God?

I remember reading The Shack and embracing profound change: “I can be with you only in the moment” (my take on a not-quote).  THAT had a massive impact on me.  Made so much else slot into place.  Like “LOVE” (without condition).

And then I googled and saw “spiritual-warfare” and debunkers.  And still find it weird that something (that made such a difference in my life) is trashed by those who say  being “biblically correct” is more important than coming closer to a real “Something” (the bible itself describes).

So too climate change.

I don’t have to “become” one side or another (based on “all the evidence”).  Common-sense stares me the face: we are eating our own trash – plastic is in MY food-chain.  We are polluting MY water and air – micro-granules of MY indestructible trash is  everywhere.  I/we are using more of this planet (for my/our own few short years) for a  standard of living to which I/we are entitled (without any thought for the future).  THAT does not come consequence-free.

And I find it weird that something as obvious as a “global household budget” being overspent day-after-day and year-after-year is deemed “okay”.

So too The Game Changers.

Yes they pulled in a bunch of celeb-athletes … yes they used “results” based on one or two meals … yes their agenda meant the results were an obvious and compelling conclusion: Plants are who we are – Carnivore is not.

And just like The Shack and Climate Change I cannot remember all the details nor do I  need to.  One piece stood out for me …  That a non-meat diet means artery walls perform better – they “elasticate” better – they “expand/contract” better – they are better able to respond to the demands I place on my body.

At my time of life – that got my attention.

I used to smoke.  Back then it made me a man.  And now?  Smoking makes my body less able to respond to the demands I place on my daily living.  And when I really tried to quit – THAT  had a profound effect on me.  That ONE one thing amongst all the (sceptical) “interesting” rest.

And plant-based?  I went googling this morning and found loads of “debunking” headlines. Plant-based is a marketing myth.  Like Climate Change.  Like Smoking.  Like The Shack.  Like Love without Condition.

And where I am left is with my chosen belief.

Not science.  Not fact.  Not truth.  Because “truth” is the majority (and minority is not).  Except change doesn’t happen just by being in the majority – by going with the obvious consensus.



We I have been married for coming up to forty years.

Apart from one time.  When divorce was the way forward.  Had been accepted by all – children, family and friends.  Truth?  Counsel and correctness said our relationship had no future.  Truth?  The signs had been there for years (apparently).  Truth?  The future was grim even if we could find a way back together.  Truth?  This would haunt us, undermine us, destroy us even if we tried.  That was the truth majority view.  The safe view that came with massive bills financially and emotionally.  So why fight it?

The obvious thing was divorce.

Except one night GSHJ took me to silent war.  And something (that was nothing visible) happened (but didn’t).   I changed (and nothing else did).  Except the following morning GSHJ simply asked: “What now?”

I/we had to “fix this” … ? (and we slowly and tentatively found our way back).

Truth “Stuff” hadn’t changed.  The truth “evidence” hadn’t changed.  The truth “consensus” hadn’t changed (and in some cases was hugely offended that we had).  Nothing had changed other than a refusal to accept truth “the obvious”.

And GSHJ asking one question: “What now?”

And that means I we will be married for coming up to forty years.  I can’t prove it to you or anyone else.  It is not science.  It is not fact.  Just what I know and how I changed.

Being biblically true correct?

It sucks.  It is constricting.  It is safe.  It’s the domain of “mature Christians” who judge love and teach direct “immature Christians” to make them disciples “mature Christians” who fit in are “biblically correct” – and has become conditional-Love.

The “correct” view is not always “truth”.  But it is a place we have to compromise ourselves to fit-in.