Black Friday

Black Friday Is bad.  Whereas Good Friday is good.

Black Friday is spending – but Good Friday saving.

Black Friday shouldn’t happen – Good Friday must.

Two Fridays.  One made good one bad.  We love our polar.

Yes or no.  Saved or unsaved. Churched or unchurched.

Sinner saved or slave to sin.

I read of a man who was cool with much that we aren’t.

The tax collectors and lepers and (so called) “afflicted”.

All those marginalised out of our neat and tidy society.

A man who saw through rather than reacted to masks.

A man who looked for love rather than our good or bad.

A man who brought choice rather than our much-loved prescription.

I read of “woke” and think it a joke. 

Of “cancel” (which is more hate and dismantle?)

What changes (other than another destructive ripple)?

A righteous dig at what came before

(as what came before is wrapped in new wrapping

year after year).

A man who let live and love if I choose

Who saw much good where no goodness was seen

Who saw seeds unshooted where we see just barren and mean.

Black Friday is like anything we wrap-up so shiny.

To pop it’s pomposity needs two letters so tiny

“No thank you” lovingly de-puffs all the guff.

My choice is no thank you (I have quite enough)

In fact so much that I’ve more than I need

So instead of spending or getting cross at this greed

I could quietly share some of mine

Without my public gesture seen as so fine.

That’s the power of this word so small.

This word called no (thank you).

I read of a man who didn’t stop there –

He looked for love where we see fair-unfair

Found love where we see “them” (and then righteously jeer)

I Am if I choose or No Thank you too.

I know my choice in this indignant noisy world

How about you?