Anyone got a job.

Stair way to heaven is a winding trail

Matthew 20 :1-16

Just Me being Curious:

Zero hours contracts,casual labour, Labour without rights. W hat about insurance?  What about breaks?  What about working conditions?  Where is the “fairness” Jesus preaches in giving each the same amount of money – when none knew if they would be earning anything tomorrow?  Is “that” the kingdom of heaven, Jesus?

Jesus, talking among his own folk about the “for hire” station in the town square, much as it would be in mediaeval Europe else the way the early “Labour Exchange” functioned in England, somewhat before my time.

It is a parable an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Bossess pay what they will because they are BOSSESS. Don’t complain, you are all stitched up in the no contract no rights, otherwise we might think those who were last to be hired might be quality control guys, checking on the others’ work. Feet on the ground and we would be delving the Sociological depths of society in question.

No. Not only could bossess pay as they would but God also reserves the right to reward everyone to the same degree whether they are first or last into the Kingdom. You see, it has nothing to do with Industrial or Agrarian reform, but  the prerogative of the Master rewarding His children.  Are you going to complain, who’s in ,is In.

In my position today I would welcome even an hour of casual labour than the lack of it since I am overqualified and lack experience. Perhaps those that were last were fulfilling necessary hours of work experience, to become experienced Day Labourers who would be chosen before anyone else got a look in?

As the earthly story, the most aerified scenario will always equate to a God who loves…..for whom all are  equals,  no matter the class, ehnicity,age,fitness, and any other ness.

God loves us all.