Never done a “thanksgiving post” before


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And some find “God” a comical figure?

Thanksgiving has become a global event.  Thanksgiving is not just for USA, it is for all.  It is a practice Christmas, and I firstly thank you for drawing a fast-approaching Christmas to my attention.

So “Thanksgiving” … ?

Never done a “thanksgiving post” before – so here goes …

I am thankful for so much.  Yet one thing stands out.

My personal freedom in love and life which is my safety of soul and self in which I can be safe in my personal freedom.  I am free to be me AND am accountable to you, and you are free to be you AND are accountable to me – for THAT is freedom of each.

And that freedom means I can take more risks: I can take the risk to be me.

I can explore what else might I be – what else might I do.  And I have found this: as I become me, I have less to prove to you or me, and I have so much more to give.

But this is not “just money” – not “just material wealth” – not even “just wisdom”…  I have more time through not needing to prove, fight or fear.  I have more time to give.  And time is measured in heartbeats.  So I have heartbeats to share with you.  Freely and willingly.

And that is why I am thankful.  And THAT is why I don’t think God is a comical figure.

In fact I don’t think God is any kind of figure at all.  And I have learned that I don’t need God to be anything at all.  For if I do, I am not free.  And unless I am free even of God – I cannot be free.  I am thankful for learning through GSHJ that the stuff I used to think I needed to be free – is the same stuff that was taking my freedom and safety.  And I never knew.

And now I do.

I call my God “God Soft Hands Jesus”.  Because GSHJ has shown me to not need religion, to not need the building and institution of church, to not need to defend the bible, to not need to defend him, to not need to worship, to not need to do anything that I was taught I needed to (and must) do.  GSHJ has taught me to be free.  And all without any cost (for I have also learned that “cost” … is always someone’s “need”).

So “Thanksgiving” … ?

I have found freedom from the need to need and I am thankful (but that is not the why or the it).  I am thankful because the “why” and “it” is realising that I even have more heartbeats than I need – we all do.  And I can imagine if we all shared them …   

Just how cool is that?