I have a teaching to offer



“On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?” John 6:60

There is one teaching I have yet to hear in all this teaching about God stuff.

I hear about seminary and theological college – how hard a teaching that is.  I hear about the clergy and burnout – and what a hard calling this is.  I hear about how hard it is to write a sermon week after week.  I hear about those who live their whole lives of faith fighting doubt – and how hard that is.  And then all this cross carrying and burden bearing … the service and everyone comes before me … the giving – the endless “giving” wot never stops!

This is a hard teaching! Who can accept it?  

Is the common theme of ALL the teaching I have received: You need to be qualified in God to teach the bible (correctly).  You need to study the bible to extract the juice (correctly).  You need to gather together weekly to keep the faith (correctly).  You must give of your time and wealth (correctly).  Or else this WOULDN’T be a hard teaching.

I have a teaching to offer.

That loving everyone is easy.

So long as I love myself – then loving you is the easiest thing in the world.  That love is never about saying “yes” to everyone – or even anyone.   That always saying “yes” is NOT love … always doing stuff is NOT love … believing (correct) stuff is NOT love … convincing others they are wrong and I am right is NOT love either … and church and  Sunday School – mixing with those I “love” but not with this who disagree with “me/us” – is NOT love either.

Because if I love myself …

Just how hard is it to mix with everyone, be kind to everyone, not have to say yes to everyone, not have to believe or do everything “correctly” … ?  

Love is being – not doing.  Love is being – not burden.  Love is being – not belief.  Love “is” – and cannot be switched on and off unless I am doing the switching.  And the bible … the church … even the beliefs (I think) I must have to be a “correct” Christian …

Everyone of those is my choice.

“For Jesus had known from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him.” vv 64

I know those I love will die and leave me – that I will die and leave them … that our children will become adults and leave us for another – that their children will grow and leave us and them for another … I know that my jobs last as long as they suit me or the company I work for … that I work with people who will move on … who have moved on …  that I make of all of that what I will.

I live that “teaching” daily.

I know I will be taken advantage of … I know I will say “no” … I know I will say “yes” … I know lots of things about the “hard school of life”.  And I accept ALL of it because that is “living”.  And if I make it easy – my living is good.   And if I make it hard …

“On hearing it, many of his disciples said, “This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?”

If God is happy to have those who “find him” in their final few seconds of this mortal living – then WTF have I to moan about?  If God says “Love is where it’s at and the rest hangs from love” – what’s so “hard” about that?  If God says “Don’t worry the shit out of stuff you cannot control” – then why do I spend my life worrying?  If God says “I love you without condition” – why do WE invent so many conditions to make “love” so damn difficult for EVERYONE?

I am not in church today. Sue me! … I think this God stuff is easy. Cast me out … I think Love IS the answer always. Bind me with your best “biblically correct conditions” … I think Love has to be without condition. Show me in the bible where that is wrong … I think this is NOT a hard teaching. Send me to theological college for three years of sweat and stress with God qualified exams to pass so that you can prove me wrong – so that I can then tell you what a hard teaching this is.

I have a teaching to offer.  Love IS easy.

Anyone else teaching this?