Walk where there are no roads

When I was a WordPress child I wrote every day. Now I am a WordPress man I don’t. When I was a Christian I wrote every day. Now I am of Love I don’t. When I read blogs apologising for not “being present” I wonder why. Why the pressure to be generating new content all the time.

My “read and like count” is now very low. My desire to write words and more words now fleeting. My seeking out community in this global community less and less.

When I was walking a path of discovery I wrote every day. Now I have found my destination of love, kindness and freedom I don’t. When I was seeking I walked my words of surprise with surprise. Now I have found what I sought I don’t.

I read my written words repeating of unconditional love that is Love. Why the need to repeat and repeat again.

My letting-go is now very high – my “conditional” very low. My seeking now fleeting – my enjoying now very high. My living in the moment making the passing of time less and less relevant.

I have arrived at a place where letting-go-free allows others to be so too. Where letting-go-free demands little of me or others and is safe for all to be. Where letting-go-free is Love that needs no “unconditional” prefix because Love is and I am.

My journey has no wisdom for you. Your journey has no wisdom for me. We both must walk where there are no roads. No signs other than the ones given and received. I cannot tell you where to walk. Nor you I.

All I have to offer is my walk, my choices, my signs, my allowing or my not. Simply that another passed-by just as you pass by in these words. So if you stumble across this post you see only my current moment. My journey is of many other moments.

And just as I had to take my journey one step at a time. Write my words one post at a time. Meet you and others along the way. Part company and walk a different direction. Meet another and part again … I see that in the walk of Another. Another I Am.

One with more “unconditional” than I am (in this moment). One who allows more unthinkingly than I (in this moment). One who lives in each moment if I allow. Just as I must allow if I am to do so too.

So hello and welcome for awhile. I am tarrying in my place of peace and safety. And when you move on I will remain. Even though it may seem to you that I leave and you remain. That is the magic of moments

That is I am.