Meaning -and Babble


In my last post I attempted to fix or tether the sense of Scripture, to set it as in concrete, to provide a single reference, resulting in the one and only one Meaning. I also posed the question that if there were other references, then Meaning might shift through its cycle somehow like the three states of any molecule, such as the liquidity, iciness and gaseous forms of Water


I used a quote referring to Scripture as the expression of the Mind of God, as spoken by His Son, the Logos.


That this Logos or Word became the Truth of God’s Mind, when God Breathed by the Holy Spirit to God’s scribes – the Prophets.


Further to this I now explore the concept that this Truth rests only on the original texts, any translation can never express the intended expression of Truth since the nuances of the Greek and Hebrew cannot be rightly translated into other languages.

Therefore, we have a conundrum regarding how perfectly we may come to know God’s mind given that we do not know exactly what was transmitted “In the beginning.”


I touched on the concept that since the preincarnate Son is this Logos from eternity

– what is the original Reference to the Truth, contained in the written words?

Can we ever reach its Sense and Meaning, when we do not possess its perfect expression of this Truth?

Since Jesus is the logos of God then might the various translations of the scriptures express the Record of the mind of God in a variant form?


The answer was “yes of course it does” since the Word can be perfectly expressed in the various Tongues and lead all peoples to the True Expression of God’s Mind.


Note that we are presently looking into the written word as inspired by the Spirit and recorded by the Prophets.


It is necessary to believe in God and in His Word to obtain knowledge of the Mind of God, which comes only through the Incarnate one, for this mortal Word is the light shining in our darkness ,his Spirit our guide and protector through the rigors of life.


What then, does believing mean?