See through lycra?


I see more and more lycra clad figures in public with the right sunglasses, the right smart phones, the right earphones, the right trainers (always the “right shade of immaculate”), the right sockies, the right hair tied-back (just right), the right amount of shoulders, and arms, and torso and legs …

I questioned my scepticism with one who knows about these things.

“It’s not about “showing-off”, you cynic, it’s all entirely necessary to exercise properly.”

And I hear the words.

But I see the lycra.

Because to look good in lycra (in public parks or the High Street), to my mind, is more about “looking good in lycra” than anything much of anything else.

Taut tummies, tight butts, washboard six-pack … The complex warm-ups and stretching, the uninterested-interested checking out everyone that might matter … The (incredibly) time-consuming preparations before doing anything “excercisey” at all … And then not doing any real exercise that one could call work at all

That just screams (with no words at all):

“I do the work, I do the pain-barrier, I do the mental strength, I smash it!

See this … all of ”this” … I earned this … I work for this … this isn’t “free” … this is me .. This is who I am! 

I don’t need to do this.  I only do this … “

Because “why” … exactly?