Cross that line and suffer the consequences



continued … 

So if I am fear-free and outflowing of love … then what about sin?  It’s your trademark – your USP!  The bible is stuffed full of it … churches are full of sinners asking forgiveness … repentance is a hot button … “Grace Freely Given” … “Blood Shed For you!” … all of that stuff is your patent and my obligation!

It’s all got a bit out of hand hasn’t it?

Pardon me … “got out of hand …” … ?

Come on , Paul … sense of humour failure here … lighten up a little!

So are you saying there is or there isn’t sin?



I am saying “wordplay” wasn’t intended to become “law-play”.  And I suppose gatekeepers aren’t appointed for their sense of fun, are they?  But I ask you … all this fear … really …?  Is that all I am good for … I either toast you or roast you … ?  Is that what you all want to believe?  Is that the best these “qualified in God” brains can come up with … ?  Do you really think that is me … ?

So why are we where we are?



Fear, Paul.  

Fear that I will fry you like a bug.

Fear that you might just say, “F**k this!” … and go your own way.

Imagine that happening in every church on a Sunday:  “And now we kneel to pray and ask forgiveness for our sins … “ And a resounding, “F**k this!” … as the whole congregation exits left.  

Church needs fear … needs sin … equals control … because without sin what is there to fear … and without sin … what is there to forgive … ?

So I don’t really care what you believe …  God the Father … Hare Krishna … Allah … Buddha … Atheist …. Naturist … Scientist … Masochist … Hedonist …  

Remove fear and sin goes.  Remove sin and fear goes.  Remove both and “The Great Commission” (sic) might just be a goer.  Because when you have no fear that others will take what is yours – you do not fear others.  And when you have no fear over what you have AND haven’t got – you have no need to fear others or yourself.   And if you have  no fear AND no sin …. would you really fight over me?  And might you then – finally – treat each other as sacred … because there would be no need NOT to treat each other as sacred … ?

You really aren’t kidding!

No I really am not kidding.

All this “heaven” you all drool over … what is that other than fear-free and loved-up for ever?  And hell … a guy in red with horns running a fear-filled and love-empty place for ever.

Love is powerful once you take fear away!

No sin and no need for “saving” … ?  You and everyone else are the same.  No fear of each other’s motives … ?  Ditto.  Remove fear of sin … ?  Just what do “Christian” and “Muslim” and “Faith” and “non-faith-really” countries bring to a fight?  Remove fear of others’ motives and imagine love without condition in its place … and why would you want to fight over anything?

Ask yourself this, Paul … as this “God of unconditional love” you have painted me … what do I gain from all this fear and sin other than this … 

You keep telling ME that I choose between YOU.  That’s what’s “in it” for me.

And choosing which of you to love and which to not love is – by definition – “conditional love” … and THAT is just not me at all. 


"Reminds me of Trisha Yearwood's song...I don't paint myself into corners anymore! Me either baby! Me either!" class="_mi _25 _3w _2h" src="

Original Image ” Astudy in Red’ by Daniel Nelson-Graphic designer & founder of From up North. Adapted by Andrew December 2018


to be continued …