The cross I have to carry



continued …

What do you see and hear mostly in the world, Paul?

Always have and have not.  What I have defines who I am.  The same as what I do not have defines who I am not.  And the aspiration is to have more because having more is status and power and respect.

But “I am” …

That is about me not you?



Always.  I Am is God and God is I Am or Yaweh or Y***h.  And God and I Am means a bible basher, a goody-two-shoes, one who will convert you faster than look at you, one who is only interested in converting you.  Which makes ALL the “God (of any name) Squad” insular and “small minded” – which is obviously not who we are taught “God” is at all.

Today’s verses?

Luke 7:11-17

Your turn …

Ambulance chasers.

We call the “crowd” – as described here – to be “ambulance chasers” … Following the sirens to take advantage of the emotional storm and physical gore.  Seems to me the crowd was less interested in the Kingdom of God than in just another memorable day out. And then another scripted showpiece – a mini-resurrection.  One I find myself questioning as “fact” more and more.

And with it “me” and “all the God stuff” you have been taught you cannot and must not question – because I am God and that means …

I must worship, glorify, serve and sacrifice to you.



To me or with me?

To you.  Always “to you”.  Don’t you read the bible … ? 🙂

We are not alike: I am a sinner – you are not … I am mortal – you are not … you know everything – I don’t … you gave me life – I just mess it up … I am tainted – yet you “forgive me” …  All of that “God stuff” that keeps me from you.

And now?



Now I think you are me and I am you.  I have no idea how or why.  No idea of what it all means.  Just that I know that since I gave all of that up I am freer in my everyday life.  Free to see good in all, free to look for love in all, free to show love in me, free to be wrong, free to ripped off, free to look stupid, free to be me … AND find the me that isn’t stupid, that isn’t ripped off, that does connect with others, and maybe even “frees others” – even for a fleeting moment.  I am without need in this God stuff (and increasingly this “love stuff” as well).  And that is liberating.

And I think maybe that is what all this “saving” really means and looks like and feels like.

So read this again … “Then he went up and touched the bier they were carrying him on, and the bearers stood still. He said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!”  The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.”

Isn’t that just another of your “fleeting moments”?

But the following verses …

Are “man-made” … a message – the purpose – the “I have” …  Has it ever crossed your mind that all that “touching and transfer of power” …

Wasn’t that all about those who touched me increasing their own “I have” …  And wasn’t it often the case that – instead of binding “I have and I am” more seamlessly – the “result” was not that much different afterwards … That the moment passed and the lives of each continued as they chose … ?

You don’t read of the “after bits” in your bible – so you fill in the gaps – and the “gaps” now come with debt and obligation and distance … all the biblically correct “gaps” teaching …  

Have you ever thought I only connect in a moment and that the rest is down to you?

But …

Enough for now.  We have had a beautiful “moment” –

Now let’s see what you do with it.