Daemons, lepers and family

15 “The time has come,”he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1.15 NIV.

Jesus travelled to the Jordan from his home in Nazareth, after John’s death,he returns to the Province of Galilee to preach much as had John.

In Mark we do not have the events between baptism and the death of John. His opening appears as a bullet point summary, entree to the main course.

Simon, Andrew, James and John are called, they leave their boats to follow him.

On the Sabbath they visit the nearest Synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus preaches with more wisdom and authority than the scribes and Pharisees. The resident loony speaks with the wisdom of the dark side and almost upsets the apple cart before the the apples arrive. Jesus is made manifest by the dark side, acclaimed by so called daemons as the Holy one of God. With a bit of a shake the noisy sprite is sent on its way. Jesus appears to be a hit, like the opening night of the revivalist mission, a bit of a ‘show’ to draw the punters in.

One of the most significant scenes in Mark is the healing of Simon Peter’s Mother in Law, why? Because here is Jesus in a domestic setting, a real human, with disciples, friends and family.

Yet we discover a prayerful prophet, not one counting pennies in a raggedy tent, preparing next night’s programme.

Jesus heals many and delivers many from the inhabitants of the Dark, they know!

Jesus is angered by the suggestion of the leper that he might not want to heal such as him. A challenge? In the kingdom no one is too afflicted to heal. He even heals the leper, aha, but it must be a Secret. Follow the law and show yourself to the Priests, do not tell anyone of the Prophet who heals.

Already, Mark has introduced the secret Jesus in action but it is not show and tell yet.