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Yesterday -you spoke well, little one when you attempted to join them in their musing- yet it is still not the time for you to truly know as you are known.

All my biographers obviosly decided that what I had done before they wrote of me, well, was irrelevent, was un-important since they knew not what nor whom I was.

Now you tell me now…. what did you do after you graduated from TAFE (Technical and Further Education)

I had a Certificate 3 in Carpentery, then I went on to the Course be a Master Buider – we had lots of Practical experience.

Gee, Boss, your step dad was a Master carpenter, and he knew how to operate machines we never use in carpentry, as in Mechanical Lathes, how to make perfectly round balls for children.


Bixby Pole Lathe.
Andrew Blair is a Wood Turner and witnessed one of the historical Egyption Lathes in action. We still use the same tools today

We were known as Tektons,(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tekt%C5%8Dn, then and we did more than work with wood. Yes I was the Carpenter from Nazareth,.. and they knew my family,