It’s never too late

A People Pleaser.

I was brought-up to be polite.  I would have preferred to have been brought-up to be kind.    Being polite includes not saying what I really think, and also saying stuff I really think is untrue.  The problem with being polite is that it is all about “masks”.  Wearing a mask that fits a particular scene.  That hides a certain something.  That projects something that is not.

Increasingly it becomes “don’t make waves” as its watchword.  Except not making waves is always being the wave-maker.  Making waves or not making waves … ?  Always needs a wave-maker.



Kindness is a wave-maker.  Waves that are ripples.  Mini-waves of love.  Ripples that empower each.  Mini-waves of love.  Making (mini) waves is not so bad.  If they are of kindness and love.  No masks required.  Wave-makers always.

Making “waves” is not about the “waves”.  It never is and never has been.  It is about the “wave-maker” and the choices I make as to what kind of wave-maker I am.

The bible tells of wave-makers.  Of people pleasers like Herod.

Herod the tetrarch: Matthew 14:1-12

A polite person of power.  Someone who had to please people from all directions.  Which required wearing a mask(s) for all occasions.  A ruler who was ruled from every direction.  By Rome.  By Jerusalem.  By his advisors.  By his enemies.  By his heart.  By the “mob” and popular opinion.

People pleasers are chameleons with nowhere to rest and nowhere to hide.

So I wish that I had been brought-up to be kind rather than polite.  I wish I had been taught a bible of kindness rather than a God-pleasing-people-pleasing bible.  I wish I didn’t have to look back and wish.

But you know what they say … “it’s never too late.”



And THIS is a far more restful place to live.