Love without Condition isn’t a binary choice



The argument over saving the planet through our stomachs intrigues me.

Just as with Christianity, I was brought up with Meat.  Just as with Christianity, Meat wasn’t debated as a choice – it just “was”.  And when times were hard we had broiler chickens.  Those animals whose useful life (of contributing egg profit) was over, so were killed to become a Sunday meal for us.  We didn’t debate the pros and cons of a carnivore diet.  We didn’t debate the pros and cons of believing in God-Jesus-the bible.  It was how we were brought up.  And we did the same with our children (apart from church-religion-Christianity).

I walked away from “that” at an early age.  So our children accepted church-religion-Christianity as what others did (like my mum and dad).

But each of our children walked away from meat at some point.  Going “veggie” was becoming trendy even back then.  Eating the carcasses of dead animals was becoming (emotionally) “disgusting”.  Except the meat industry has decades of refining its “products”.



So – just like church-religion-Christianity – the separation between source and  supermarket shelf-church pew means never needing to confront the reality.

The smell of frying bacon (just like the aroma of a highly polished reverent sanctuary) is almost erotic.  Every sensory-button calling out “this is good” … connecting with early childhood and “this is how things are”.  

And now …?

We evolved to a position that – when our adult-children are all around the same table –  makes for the pickiest trickiest dietary requirement I thought we would NEVER have to accommodate.

Yet MY church-religion-Christianity has evolved into something that doesn’t easily sit-fit with church-religion-Christianity.

It’s all about belief choices.



And as for Meat and me … ?

I switched to a plant-based diet two weeks ago.  Never thought I would.  Never wanted to join in the “vegan v meat” belief warfare that is as vitriolic as any “church-religion-Christianity v atheist-other-faith-same faith” belief warfare.  That is the same vitriol as the “climate change v pile of bollocks” belief warfare.  That is the same as any binary belief warfare.

I tried it because my lovely gentle caring partner – now almost exclusively “plant-based” but never having mentioned it – invited me to watch a film called “The Gamechangers” (Netflix in the UK).  And one piece grabbed my buttons and pressed them insistently.

Not all the rhetoric or “science”.  Nor the specially selected top-of-their-game athletes I have never wished to become.  Nor even a comparison of the meat-marketing-industry to the smoking-marketing-industry.  Not any of that “propaganda” (as I found later the meat industry believers called the whole thing).   

Propaganda is the common-ground of all debate: one side says the other is doing it – the other side says it back – each finding proof verses facts and correct beliefs science to dismiss any challenge to being biblically/scientifically correct.

I tried it because I have COPD (google it) and The Gamechangers made a claim that I wanted for myself …

That my arteries would re-find the elasticity constricted with a meat-based diet.  That MY blood would flow faster to the parts of MY body where/when it was needed.  And THAT (I hoped) would mean MY lungs would exchange precious oxygen in MY blood faster – that I would breathe easier.  That was all.  I didn’t wish for eternal life or anything grand.  Just to breathe a little easier in the moment of many moments of everyday normal lovely loving living.

Yet (just as the benefits of Love Without Condition v Binary-Belief-Warfare) I have found a plant-based diet (of two weeks) to have cleared my skin (unexpected) … to lose a few of my excess pounds (unexpected) … to be told that my thunderous snoring is much MUCH quieter (wow!) … to find that my digestion much more “efficient” … and to be a lot “calmer”.

I never wanted a plant-based diet for any of that.

But it’s why I find Love Without Condition to continue to press all my buttons AND to find it brings so many unexpected pluses – to have cleared my skin (unexpected), to lose a few of my excess pounds (unexpected), to be told that my thunderous snoring is much MUCH quieter, to find that my digestion much more “efficient”, and to be a lot “calmer”. 😊 😊 😊

It’s why I don’t care for binary-belief warfare – for any “belief warfare” – for any binary choice I am offered (and expected to accept).

For me … Love without Condition isn’t a binary-belief choice … Love is I Am.

So there’s no need for belief warfare.

The bible taught me that.