Owners or renters

Owners or renters.  We haven’t come across that distinction in quite a while.

A renter (us) merely pays, stays and then goes.  An owner (not us) has paid to stay and does.  One is feted, the other not.  Mrs Paul has been particularly aware these past two weeks.  The resort big-wigs have been in attendance, “It’s because the owners are here.”  There has been some sprucing-up around the place, “It’s to keep the owners happy.”  Additional “management team ‘management’” have become visible, “It’s because … “

And some of the owners are cliquey.  And the social nights are a dressing-up and promenading opportunity.  And dresses and labels can be the female equivalent of the male phallus competitiveness.  And the casual “Are you an owner or renter?” is often thrown in early to most conversations.  

Owners have much in common us renters don’t.

We decided early on in our exploration of the tourist globe that we would never become owners.  The cost.  The ongoing bills.  The maintenance.  The going back again and again.  The need to differentiate.  The pecking order.  The committees.  The need to hold the developers and management team to account.  The need to be known by other owners and the resort staff and management.  The rental income worries.  The are they telling me the truth worries.  And “the need” to convince ourselves that there really is nowhere we would prefer to be (as “new money” is chased and the cliques and clubs change with the influx of “new money” not like us at all.

As renters we have none f that.   We go where we will, when we will, and with whomsoever we want.  We have no need for anything other than a great holiday.  To meet new people.  To ignore those we prefer to avoid.  To get to know those we connect with – usually locals outside the resort.  People we will probably never see again.  Relationships can be hard work.  Especially those not sought or needed for just two weeks of the whole year.

Owners or renters?

Both can be needy and entitled.  Just as both can be needless and live in the moment.  It’s why I never ask.  Both the asking and answering get in the way somehow.  Now why did that other one just spring to mind … ?

Churched or unchurched.