If there wasn’t any Christianity – 2



Continued …

And that is also a pile of poo.


Because we take one thing and make it everything.  We take the one thing of “predators” and make it the everything of “fear”.  Yes, there are predators out there.  But they are the minority.  And if we don’t live with that fact – then we will become predators simply because we believe everyone is out to eat us alive.  We become fearful predators and chew others up because we are fearful predators. Confident predators – the “one thing” – eat when they are hungry – chasing prey takes energy. Fearful predators – the “everything” – don’t have that “confident” in them – so they snap at everything out of fear of the “everything”.

And me?

And you as well.  You are “one thing” and we make you the “everything”.  You are the “Did you say thank you to God?” for every little detail.  You are the “Give me the wisdom to discern … “ which anyone with a brain might think their own responsibility.  You are the “Without you, Lord, I am nothing.”  You are the “I am but a sinner saved by the grace of God freely given.”  We have made you the everything and made us the nothing.  Not even the one thing.  We are the no thing.

I have children.  And every fibre of my being has always wanted them to be independent and free of fear.  Now either you and me are different – or that is exactly what you want of us as well.  And if it is – then we need to make you the “one thing” and not the everything.  Because only then we will make ourselves the “one thing” and not the “no thing”.

And if you do that?

If we did that then all of us have value.  Not just the ones that are within the criteria of “saved”.  All of us have value whether or not we think “sin” is even relevant.  And all of us have value even those who don’t feel the need to be saved.  Which makes “which God” and religion or faith or no-religion and no-faith more and more irrelevant as well. Unless …

Unless you need all that more than you need me to be the “one thing”.

Exactly.  Which leads me to a question.  We have already discussed how all of “this” is not your invention but ours.  What would you say to those who tell me I am up my own backside and spreading fear in those who believe in you as the “everything” and all that flows from that?

I would say that you used to think I was the “everything” as well.  I would say that even in this there is no right and wrong answer, no black or white definitive one way.  I would say that for all the flaws and assumptions, all the trying to do right and still doing wrong, for this recycled and cyclical spinning in a very similar place generation after generation … You have the absolute right to figure this out for yourselves.

Because I see one common theme and thread since the very beginning of time – even before “religion” and before “god” as since packaged and sold. 

I see creators.

Creators of thought and deed, creators of right and wrong, creators of emotions that rule and logic that disagrees.  Creators of the bible, of science, of the arts, of philosophy, of all the intellectual and emotional tapestry of living and loving.  Creators of dwellings that will always flood, be swept away by landslides, that will be in areas of toxic air, that will be in areas of drought.  Creators of life that have no bearing on what this planet can support, but merely what status and personal needs are met by creating new lives.  Social needs, economic needs, political needs, religious needs, cultural needs.  You are Creator and nothing I can tell you will change that.

We must change that.

And you have already.  Look around.  Look back fifty years, then one hundred, then two hundred, the one thousand, then one million …  You are creators and you will create.  No one can tell you to stop, or to create one way or another.  You must decide and you must choose –and you do and you have and you always will.  I am not the “everything” – you are not the “everything”.

Why should I or you have that burden of responsibility?

But you created us.  You created all of this.  You have that responsibility.

You mentioned children earlier.  Are you responsible for them and their actions?  Children who are mid-life adults.  Adults with their own homes, own partners, own children …  Are you telling me that is how it is for you?

No.  I am not responsible for their decisions or actions – even if they like to blame me from time to time – even if they sometimes see me in them in a good way (usually not!).  But …

But you will always love them, be there for them – and love being a part of their lives no matter how big or small …. ?



To be continued …