Absences Fonder

On the occasion of our 20th wedding commitment ceremony

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Mr and Mrs Andrew have been enjoying a yucky time. A time when we have said:”Why us!”

Mrs Andrew’s Pituitary tumour has awoken to not enjoy Radiotherapy,meantime she has had a very nasty crop of Basal Cell Carcinomas drop out for airing.

She has been receiving 2 types of chemo – inside and 1 outside and also some radiotherapy.

I have been using a walking stick since September after a bout of really strange seizures.

Monday of this week I was assessed by the Epilepsy Clinic at the Prince of Wales Hospital and it was decided to do a week long study with me all wired up and under video surveillance¬†. i really do hope they capture my wseizures on video since the b’s manage to behave themselves and no one sees anything.

This will happen early February 2020.

My previous posts were not received well at Church and, as my Pastor said, some were uncomfortable and that there is still much to analyse in the poetry.

I just haven’t been keeping up with any of my blogs and apologize. for my absence here.