Who is my relationship with? +2

The wonderful greys …  From a comment under yesterday’s post

Br Francis-Clare:  “Remember the greys, the wonderful grey’s which allow us to be all at once and nothing at all.”

I wonder if Christianity has become the very essence of “right and wrong” with a growing denial of “grey”.  Motivated by an institutional fear of “grey” … a now-embedded and “genetic fear” of letting in darkness (black).  This “darkness of sin” (as we are taught).

For haven’t we been saved from “the darkness” and so must never let it back in to our hearts … our speech … our thoughts … into our very beings?  But as we live in a sinful world (as taught) and cannot be anything but sinners saved by grace (as taught) … then the darkness is the Enemy … and the Enemy is constantly seeking ways to draw us into the darkness (as taught) … so we must seek the light (white) and resist the dark (black) … and any backsliding (grey) is bad (“sin” – as taught) – which means doubt (backsliding aka “sin” – as taught) is to be feared and curiosity to be discouraged.  So we all learn to pretend (as taught).

Hello Jesus!

Who walked in the darkest of places, who accepted grey in all he met, who healed without need for preconditions or membership.  Who talked and tarried with any who called his name, who had no institution of buildings and creeds and hierarchies, who never once (that I can find) held committee meetings about anything, who walked in complete safety and self-assurance – and who did nothing more than offer others that same universal healing of our own fears and doubts.

Jesus who allowed each to be who they are, who meets each where they are, and who simply invites a different way – a healing way – a safe way: a way for each to be who they are in complete safety.

I see a circle.

What is “being saved” if not another description for healing … and what is healing if not another description for accepting what and who I am?  Because only in accepting that  can I become who I really am.  But to become that I need to be safe … and to be safe I need to be healed … and that “circle of healing” (physically and intellectually and emotionally) keeps spinning my whole life.

Being “saved” is not where it’s at for me.

So why sweat the small stuff of religion … when religion is just an attempt to keep us all safe… but in trying to keep us all safe causes many to be unsafe.  And that is maybe where religion goes wrong: religion has always needed to make religion “safe” – or else it wouldn’t exist as “religion”.  Except religion is not “religion” – it is people – people seeking consensus (through committee) – which is where the pretending creeps in and  where the greys are forced out.  Because how can things keep going unless through an understanding of what is black and what is white?  But without greys of difference and diversity then fear creeps back in.  And pretending becomes how things must be for the greater good (as taught).

So instead of healing … religion pretends … and people pretend … because that is how we have been taught to feel safe … by pretending to be something I am not.  Except that stops me becoming who I am – because that “circle of healing” is broken – and then “being saved” so often becomes part of the pretense.

So I say again … Hello Jesus!

No fear of greys.  No fear of pretending.  No fear of changing.  No fear of healing.  No fear of not fitting in.  So no need to pretend and no need to be the same.  And might that ever become “religion” itself?

Because isn’t that the “essence” we all seek?