Infallible ,inErrant

When some speak of Scripture as infallible or inerrant they understand a Bible with absolutely no errors of Geography or history, and every improbable event happened just as it says. Their faith is sure, infact non is required in the face of such knowledge, such truth.

We know there are errors in the text, in the incomprehension of those who as instruments of the Spirit,wrote of a world they understood, rightly or wrongly. A Geosystem  with flat earth, because it has 4 1/4s, or corners, built in 6 days, no wonder God needed a rest.

We have been delving into the Stories, the His(stories) of those who inhabit the biblical Library. Now I dare to say there are many untruthes within its pages,  yet the Message of God beaming out from Eden, Noah, Jonah, Ezekiel is true and by faith we believe the Message of deliverance therein. We believe but don’t always understand, we pray for illumination yet still see through the glass darkly, should we not find haze in the burnish then we are either saints or liars.

God’s Word is open for prayerful discussion , to argument, though as we grow with God, we will see daylight through the gloom.

Faith built on misunderstanding is still faith and grows or dims as they understand that there are more errors than they think because Time reveals knowledge which may perhaps make our Scripture a complete farce, yet for those who truly believe, there remains faith in the Message.

Trust whether sunrise or earth fall or earth turning on its axis because the Message of a loving, delivering God does not depend upon anyones’ concept or expertise in matters of science or astronomy; but upon love for Love its self.

Inspired by Google trawling.